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Sochaux make second bid for Edu


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If at first you don't succeed, try again.

That is the approach Sochaux is taking in terms of Rangers midfielder Maurice Edu.

Having had a previous bid worth an estimated $774,400 turned down, Sochaux has launched a second bid for the U.S. international. The French club, currently home to Charlie Davies, is hopeful that this new bid will be enough to secure Edu's services.

"We've made a second bid for Edu and we've made a bid for one player in the English Championship. We need an answer quickly," Sochaux assistant coach Stephane Gilli told STV. "Our chairman has spoken to Rangers' chairman (Craig Whyte). Obviously we want the player but it's up to Rangers. We think he is a quality player. We need him and we need him quickly."

Rangers manager Ally McCoist said last week that he would prefer for Edu to sign an extension than to let him go elsewhere.

What do you think of Sochaux's continued interest in Edu? Still think Edu should look for greener pastures?

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  1. you know that Ligue 1 is better than the Championship, right. This is coming from someone who lives in Europe and sees games when I visit friends in London, Germany and France. their might be an occasional exception, but rare. To say otherwise is just being ill-informed.

    However, if you just saying that’s where his style fits, that’s different. However, if I were him, I would still push myself.

  2. Rangers certainly suits his style of play. He would be better served moving to an upper table League Championship side than a mediocre Ligue 1 side.

  3. There is a risk with every move, but it’s time for Edu to move if he wants to improve as a player. Edu can insists on a provision in a contract that addresses what happens if the team gets relegated. As for Gooch, he took a risk of competing for a starting spot on one of the top teams in Europe but had a serious injury. It did not work out. However, he recovered from his injury and is a starter at Sporting, Christiano Ronaldo’s former team. He is on a very good team in a very technical league. Edu, on the other hand, is playing in a league that is currently known more for its bone crunching tackles than for skillful players. What competition did Edu face last year? Well, he had a couple games against Celtics, team similar to Rangers in terms of quality. In the Champions league, Rangers had two games (both against Malmo). The top Scottish team, Rangers, was beaten by a Sweedish team which in turn lost to Dynamo Zagreb, the team that lost to French team, Lyon, 1-7 on its home field. An opportunity of playing against teams like Lyon, PSG, etc is worth the risk.

  4. Lies, damn lies, and statistics. If you want to rely on the UEFA coefficient, then Portugal had the best league in the world last year. Just saying that Scotland is a decent league, and Edu’s current squad is stronger than Sochaux. If he makes the move, great–I hope they don’t get relegated. If not, he’ll still be on a good team with opportunities to play in the Champions League or the Europa League.


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