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Studio 90: Jones joins USMNT camp



  1. Michael Kam with the bedside exclusive! hmmm…that must’ve been a helluva awkward interview for all parties. “Hey JJ…you can keep the pajama bottoms on, just put on a shirt for christ’s sakes.”

  2. Jones is really the only guy in the pool who fits the bill of an “enforcer”. We haven’t really had one since Pablo left the scene.

    If he can just keep a lid on the unnecessary cards, the USMNT needs that someone like him.

    It would help if he learned Spanish.

  3. English is a form of Germanic language and shares a lot of words and pronunciation so I’m not surprise that his English is good.

  4. Its good to see him in camp. Its good for him to get time. Its great to get someone with USMNT and big league experience in this camp going against some of the MLS guys and especially against some of the new guys who are still use to the college games. Plus his club can be happy knowing he is keeping his fitness and staying sharp. This is the type of thing that is good for USMNT & club long term relationships. Should he have stepped/stomped on the guy? No. That was messed up and I am sure Coach K had a chat with him about it as well and reminded him that besides what is expected of a normal pro player…he has to remember he is still representing the US even when he is not in an international match. But having him in camp is good for everyone involved. Plus…besides being someone that can talk with all of the other players about the game and experiences we have some new players coming in from other leagues on the USMNT team and U-23s that have the same background as him. Some of the players might have felt a bit on “the outside” growing up being mixed race in German AND with a US military father and can now be on a team where they are not the odd-man-out. It will give him a chance to be a bit of a role model to some of these players in camp and back in Germany and might make him think twice when he has another bad day at the office.


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