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USA to play Brazil in May friendly


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Before the U.S. men's national team begins its World Cup qualifying campaign this summer, it will be tested against one of the world's best.

The United States will host Brazil in a friendly on May 30 or 31, the Brazilian federation (CBF) announced on its website on Thursday. No location for the game has been finalized, though it has been reported that it could be played in Foxborough, Mass. or Washington, D.C.

The match against Brazil falls on a FIFA international fixture date, meaning the Selecao should bring in its top players. The game will take place just over a week prior to the U.S. team's World Cup qualifying opener against Antigua and Barbuda on June 8

The game against the Brazilians will mark the Americans' fifth match against them since 2007. In the teams' previous four meetings the United States has gone 0-4-0, allowing 12 goals while scoring four. 

The last meeting came in August 2010, when the United States lost 2-0 in front of a near-capacity crowd in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

What do you think of the United States playing Brazil in a friendly before qualifying begins? Would you have like to seen them schedule a different team?

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  1. Safe to assume there will be another match along the East that weekend as well? FIFA recognized international dates are June 1-June 5 and June 8-June 10.

    Perhaps a game on Wednesday May 30, and then another on Saturday, June 2?

    Seem plausible to anyone else?

  2. Even though I would rather it be in a different location, I am still very excited for this game. I hope Agudelo keeps his hair for when him and Neymar get together. That would be tight.

  3. Amen to that. I went to the Gold Cup games in Houston, and we were some of the only USA fans there. It was all Mexican fans (there for the Mehico v. Honduras) and we got harassed all night. Which I love, because I love talking smack and being rowdy at games, but it’s still pretty embarrassing when we are in the minority for home games.

  4. +1 He deserves it for sure, and plus, it will make for an easier move away from Bocanegra since his time is clearly coming to an end with the team.

  5. You do know they lay real grass over the turf. This game is at the end of May; all of the European leagues are done by the time this game will be scheduled. Seattle deserves a USMNT game. It’s because USSF caters to other federation demands. There is a big presence of Brasilians in this area, so therefore they get better support than the USMNT. If it was held in Seattle there would be over 50,000 USMNT fans. And the brasilians would be mad that no one is suporting them. I am sick and tired of seeing AMerican stadiums filled up with the opposing fanbase. One day that will change when the U.S. is actually a force in international soccer, but right now it’s a disgrace to see only 20,000 USMNT fans in a 60,000 plus stadium.

  6. Yes, Freegle – this match is a money grab! You do realize that the USSF is paying Klinsy $2.5M per year in salary? The Federation needs to raise this $ somehow. Hence, expect to see more friendlies versus the likes of Mexico and Brazil.

  7. Can’t knock a moneygrabbing match. The stuff USSOCCER is doing right now is *expensive*: multiple age-group big camps, gearing up for quals and olympics, hiring more and (maybe) better full-time age-group coaches. I’ve looked at the financials before and will again soon, but my sense is that we’ve got to do *more* of these, not less.


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