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What will you remember about 2011?

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The New Year is upon us and 2012 is shaping up to be another exciting and eventful year in the American soccer scene, but before we dive into a full schedule of big events, it is time to think about the year we just completed.

What will you remember about 2011? It surely varies from fan to fan, region to region, but there was plenty for fans from every corner of the United States to remember. From the arrival of Portland and departure of Kasey Keller in the Pacific Northwest, to fans in Nashville and Miami getting the chance to see the U.S. national team play live. North Carolina won a national championship, while Sporting Kansas City opened their beautiful new Livestrong Sporting Park. The U.S. Women's World Cup team stole the show in the summer with their run to the final, while the LA Galaxy dominated MLS on their way to an MLS Cup title.

Here is my Fox Soccer piece on my eleven American Soccer moments and events to remember from 2011. Give it a read and let us know what events and moments relating to American Soccer stuck out the most in your mind in 2011?


  1. The biggest story of 2011 for me was the changing of tides in CONCACAF power, and I’m not talking about the suits. Mexico showed on three different levels that they are the new dominant force in North America for the unforeseeable future.

  2. *Watching my Dad become a SKC season ticket holder, Fox Soccer subscribing, all around soccer fan as we enjoyed many games together.

    *SKC vs Revolution Open Cup game one month before stadium opened. It was cold and rained the whole game. SKC won 5-0, it was the beginning of players gelling as a team. The weather sucked, but the game was all heart.

    *SKC stadium opening.

    *Watching my first USMNT game at the new Livestrong Sporting Park, Altidore scores a rocket and I have a beautiful view.

    *WWC game against Brazil.
    *Japan’s playing in general the whole WWC.

    *Klinsmann and the hope for brighter days ahead for USMNT.

    **Started playing soccer again at 34 yrs old, and watching myself develop as player, and having a hell of good time doing it.

  3. MLS winning in Mexico, twice (three times without disallowing honest stoppage time Robbie Keane goal)

    USWNT…awesome ride, proud of them and their heart, even in defeat. What a story the Japanese women were for a country that was in need of emotional distraction and inspiration

    Klinnsman begins

    LA GALAXY!!!

  4. There were a bunch of good ones this year. For me, in no particular order.

    1. Dallas (& Seattle) winning in Mexico.
    2. Houston surprising everyone in the Eastern Conference championship
    3. WWC game against Brazil. I honestly turned on the TV at about the 80th minute and previously had no idea it was on.
    4. Gold Cup Final… was bittersweet, but escalated the US-Mexico rivalry for the next WC cycle.

  5. Tough albeit bittersweet year. Teams with a chance to make history: RSL with win concocaf CCL. US women’s team in WC and the boys could have surprised Mexico in gold cup. hoping for a better 2012.

  6. *Domestic League: LA was a great story
    *International: USWNT upset was thrilling and disappointing
    *Individual story: Ending of Bob Bradley’s era and the arrival of Klinsmann.

  7. Thomas Rongen leading America Samoa to their first ever win.

    USWNT, nuff said!

    Beckham to Keane to Donavon goal way to end the year!

  8. This was a rebuilding year, for sure. There wasn’t much to be excited about in terms of memorable moments or results, but I continue to be thrilled to have Klinsmann on board and to see a new class of talent (including our new Germericans) coming through the ranks. I think a lot of the changes being made under the new regime, especially at the organizational level, are going to have long-lasting positive effects in regard to the USMNT setup as a whole. I continue to appreciate Bob Bradley for his service, but I think bringing on Klinsmann was a step in the right direction for the program.

    And I’m glad to have had that to be excited about, because as an Aston Villa and St. Pauli supporter, I’ve had literally nothing to be excited about at the club level all year. I should have decided to follow Tottenham instead.

    Oh, and I really enjoyed the Women’s World Cup.

  9. USA losing two heartbreaking finals, new faces, and most of all: us delivering a plate of “what you deserve” to the BRA women’s team for their disgraceful theatrics.

  10. As a Galaxy fan I was very glad they won the championship, but then I realize no one (okay, very few) in LA really cared. I went to at least 3 bars in central LA to ask if they’d be showing the game. No one knew, no one gave a rat’s ###.

    The women won 2011 for me. Sure I would have been much happier if they had won the whole thing, but the Rapinoe cross to Abby Wambach’s dome– classic soccer moment!!!
    (and they were showing the match EVERYWHERE!)


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