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AC Milan vs. Arsenal: Your Running Commentary



Two of Europe's most storied clubs continue their quests for continental glory, when AC Milan hosts Arsenal in the first leg of their UEFA Champions League knockout tie (2:45 p.m., Fox Soccer Channel).

The highly anticipated match not only pits two of the world's top strikers, Robin van Persie and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, against each other, but it also marks Thierry Henry's final game while on loan with the Gunners. Henry has been named to the bench to start the match, and he'll be an option for Arsene Wenger should Arsenal need a late score, something that Henry has produced on three occasions in his return to the club.

If you will be watching the match, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action.


  1. I think you generalize a bit there Becks but I see your point and I do appreciate the subtleties of the Italian game. But that’s all there is in many games: some nice ability to make space on the ball or slick passing in the midfield and a LOT of defensive positioning.

    I know goals aren’t the only metric of entertainment in the game but they do contribute to the fun and the Italian game routinely produces 0.4 to 0.5 goals less per game. And that’s not because the ‘keepers are better. 🙂

    Cheers, we can disagree on this one!

  2. The Italian game is more technical and heady than the British run and gun, end to end mentality. Italians elevate it to more of an art form, preferring to spin you or send you the wrong way or place a perfectly weighted pass somewhere you never would have even thought of. Different than the Brits Theo Walcott speed-but-no-brains physical fast paced game. If you prefer the EPL it may be because you don’t have an appreciation for the finer technical nuances of the game, (which admittedly are difficult to see from the nose-bleed camera angles), or like high speed kickball . Visit the San Siro for a derby, experience that electric atmosphere and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  3. I don’t think Italian teams suck at all but I am in the forefront of those who find watching Serie A to be painfully boring.

    That said, it certainly can be an effective style and these teams repeatedly succeed in Euro competitions because of that style that can hamper Spanish, English, and German sides.

  4. it’s a$$ chapping freezing in Europe right now. Like, people are dying because of how cold it is. Folks who are wingeing about attendance are living under a rock.

    Serie A is top class, definitely a more competitive league that La Liga (excluding Real and Barca), Not quite as good a Bundesliga top to bottom, but that could be argued either way. I’d put the top 7 Serie A against the top 10 in EPL any weekend and bet even odds (except against Man U, the deck is always stacked against whoever is playing Man U).

  5. Mig you are correct in pointing out those statistics and Arsenal has played respectable defense at times this season. I am saying that Wenger has put together a patchwork defense at times, made bad substitutions and played guys out of position. I dont recall them picking up anyone during the transfer window to shore up the backline and these defensive breakdowns that they’ve had over the course of the season may indeed cost the gunners a spot in UEFA and a big payday next year. Time will tell. Right now they are just barely hanging onto the 4th spot.

  6. Arsenal hasn’t had a solid defense in about three seasons. What’s worse, any time someone starts emerging as a viable solution teh go and get injured. While one can hardly say they’ve done nothing to address it, having quality unit that is at least 6 players deep hasn’t been a priority. Sadly, they are right where they deserve. I don’t care how potent your attack is is you don’t have a consistent unit of two solid CBs, at least one DMF anda steady GK that can lead the lot you ain’t goin nowhere.

  7. This isn’t meant for anyone here in particular, but what was that about Serie A sucking and being boring? Someone posts that every time an Italian team is mentioned on these boards.

    There are at minimum 4-5 teams in the league this year that would have a good shot at knocking out Arsenal (though admittedly the gunners are horrible tonight). This isn’t meant as a trolling statement – I just wish more people would give Serie A a chance. Their marketing and attendance sucks, but the on-field product is excellent and getting better and better.

  8. As a neutral, I feel for Henry. Probably the last time he’ll play for Arsenal, pretty bad way to go out. Even if he manages a consolation goal in the last ten minutes, it would hardly mean anything.

  9. I agree with you here. You can’t just throw out bad games, but you acknowledge them as well when evaluating the overall trend. Same with goals for.

  10. you know, objectively, Arsenal’s defense has not been that tragic this season. They HAVE been prone to some very bad games but overall, not statistically bad.

    They had 3 bad games defensively against ManU, Swansea, and Blackburn. that was 15 goals in 3 games. Other than those games, they have allowed 20 in 22 in the Prem. I know those 3 games count but they do rather make the numbers look worse than they are.


  11. Robino takes short cross from Ibra at the baseline and puts a header in the corner from the six yard box.

    2-0 Milan.

    Arsenal is hardly in this game.

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