Deadly riot erupts at Egyptian match

Deadly riot erupts at Egyptian match


Deadly riot erupts at Egyptian match


Riot (Reuters Pictures)

A violent riot erupted following a match between Egyptian rivals Al-Masry and Al-Ahly, leaving dozens of people dead and hundreds of others injured.

According to various reports, the still-escalating death count from the incident in Port Said, Egypt, stands at 73, while Egyptian outlets are reporting that the country's health ministry has said that more than 1,000 are hurt.

The riots happened following the match, which host Al-Masry won to defeat its chief foe and one of the country's top teams. The home fans reportedly rushed onto the field en masse, going after opposing players (who were rushed off the field) and fans. Various reports say that those in the stampede threw stones, bottles, fireworks, flares and sticks at one another. Some of those who did not rush the field reportedly lit fires in the stands. Footage from the scene can be seen here.

Former U.S. Soccer coach Bob Bradley, now the coach of the Egyptian national team, was not at the match, according to a tweet by his agent, Ron Waxman. U.S. youth goalkeeper Samir Badr, who recently signed a contract with first-place Egyptian club Haras El-Hodood, also took to social media to assure that he was not involved in the incident, either. 

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