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Egypt requests postponement of ACN qualifier

Bob Bradley 1 (Reuters)

Egypt head coach Bob Bradley and his team are scheduled to open their qualifying campaign for the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations on Feb. 29, but that could be pushed back after the Egyptian Federation requested a postponement.

The Egyptian Football Association (EFA) has asked the Confederation of African Football (CAF) that its road match against Central African Republic be postponed due to the events that transpired in Port Said last Wednesday. No word yet on when the match would be made up should EFA's request be granted.

CAF will hold a meeting on Saturday to discuss the matter.

What do you think of EFA's request to postpone its 2012 ACN qualifying opener? Do you see CAF postponing the match?

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  1. The Egyptians should just s*ck it up and show up for the qualifiers. The players should be happy with the distraction of actually playing high level futbol and avoid the unrest in Egypt. Politicals should take a backburner to the ACN.

    Maybe if there were some serious logistics issues to pulling the team together but I don’t see this happening.

  2. Hateful no. Fear yes. Blame those who kill and maim people. It’s less about an argument and more about bring the attention the true nature of their psyche. I’ve been in the part of the world many times. It’s not safe, period.

  3. You made a nearly identical post on one of the previous Egypt threads. Parroting the same hateful message over and over again isn’t presenting an argument, it’s thoughtless reactionism driven by fear and anger, and it indicates a lack of meaningful understanding. When you have something constructive to contribute, I’ll offer it due consideration.

  4. In all likelihood, they’ll pull Egypt from qualifying completely and ban Bob Bradley from coaching for 20 years. Then they’ll turn to the MLS and tell them to compete with the NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAAMB, BCS, EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie 1, and international hopscotch tournament.
    Then they’ll reward themselves (the executive committee that is) 20 million dollars a piece.
    This scenario seems much more likely to me then Bob actually getting his valid and reasonable request.

  5. Egypt is a suicidal lunatic waiting to happen, a killing field of murderers. There’s nothing but violence, inconceivable mentality of hate, corruption, lies and thieves in Egypt. It’s not worth any Americans safety. Get the HELL OUT of barbaric societies.

  6. I don’t think the CAF will postpone the game. Whether or not Bradley has been able to assemble the team yet or if he will even be allowed to do so inside Egypt is an open question. I am not sure this is under Bradley’s control at the moment and the Egyptian government seems unlikely to move with any speed to make something happen.

  7. Egypt’s neighbor Libya just send a team to a major tournament and their revolution just ended and they don’t have a fully functioning government yet.

    I don’t think CAF should postpone the match. If Egypt wants to withdrawal from qualifying or take a forfeit that is their decision. The transitions taking place in Egypt will take years. If they feel they can’t play in matches during that time then you can’t alter everyone else’s qualifying.

    The domestic league is indefinitely postponed. Bob should have all his available domestic players in camp training now.

  8. You are right, it is. But this is the same confederation that banned Togo after their bus was shot up by Angolan rebels, and subsequently Togo pulled out of the tourney.

    We aren’t exactly dealing with reasonable people here. That’s what my point was.


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