MLS sanctions Dynamo supporters

MLS sanctions Dynamo supporters

Major League Soccer

MLS sanctions Dynamo supporters


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Houston Dynamo supporters crossed the line on the road a few times last season, and as a result, their privileges have been limited by MLS heading into the 2012 campaign. 

In a letter written by the league to Dynamo supporters groups, the club's fans have been sanctioned and restricted for breaching the Fan Code of Conduct during three occasions last season during road games.

At a regular season game against FC Dallas on Sept. 24, the Eastern Conference championship against Sporting Kansas City on Nov. 6 and the MLS Cup final against the Los Angeles Galaxy on Nov. 20, Dynamo supporters brought prohibited smoke bombs into the stadium and ignited them. The league's letter also states that at MLS Cup, Dynamo fans threw ignited smoke bombs and other objects "that presented a safety risk" onto the playing field.

As punishment, Dynamo fans will be restricted from bringing permitted items such as flags, banners, confetti and drums to road games on an indefinite basis. While the league maintains that the ban will "be in effect until otherwise notified by MLS," it will be in place for Houston's games against Chivas USA at the Home Depot Center on March 11 and Sporting Kansas City at Livestrong Sporting Park on July 7 without question.

The letter also states that a decision to end the ban will be made after the opening of BBVA Compass Stadium on May 12, at which point the league will evaluate the Dynamo supporters' conduct on the road and at home games before coming to a conclusion.

"The decision to impose this sanction is based on the League-wide position that misconduct at any MLS event can affect a fan's standing at other MLS facilities," the league wrote in its letter. "MLS will not tolerate behavior which threatens the safety of any fan, stadium employee or match participant. The actions of just a few individuals can influence the perception of all of our supporters, clubs and League."


What's your take on this situation? Think the league is making the right call? Is the punishment deserved? 

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