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Thursday kickoff: Rangers meet with players, Warner investigated and more

Rangers FC

The long and painful climb out of financial ruin for Rangers is just getting started as administrators meet with players today.

Rangers, who were docked 10 points after formally entering administration earlier this week, could face a tax bill of around $156 million. The playing staff, which includes USA internationals Alejandro Bedoya, Maurice Edu and national-team captain Carlos Bocanegra, have been given assurances that there will be no immediate cuts. The players have not been asked to forgo paychecks.

Financial investment firm Duff and Phelps stepped in as administrators of the club and are confident this will not spell the end for Rangers FC. However, the firm did concede that there will be a review of all staff in the near future as they try to make the club financially solvent.

Here are some more stories to kick off your Wednesday.


Former CONCACAF boss Jack Warner is embroiled in yet another scandal as accusations arose that funds destined for earthquake relief in Haiti were deposited into Warner's bank account. The Trindidad and Tobago FA alleges the missing $690,000 was in a bank account that Warner alone had access to.

FIFA are withholding Warner's pension, which is worth $39 million a year until an audit is complete. Warner has denied any wrongdoing and says the allegations are a "conspiracy."


Amsterdam police announced the arrest of 76 supporters of Dutch side Ajax ahead of the club's Europa League clash with Manchester United. The Ajax supporters were arrested on "suspicion of seeking a confrontation" with visiting fans. Police discovered brass knuckles, tear gas, clubs and various other weapons along with a substantial amount of narcotics.

The 76 fans will spend one night in jail and face fines up to $780. Several supporters from Belgian club Anderlecht were also detained and sent home due to heightened security measures installed by Amsterdam's mayor.


Two Bayer Leverkusen players have been told to auction off the Barcelona shirts they received from Lionel Messi following Tuesday's 3-1 defeat in the Champions League.

Leverkusen sporting director, Rudi Voller, said Michal Kadlec and Manuel Friedrich were overly enthusiastic in hunting down the Argentinian's jersey. Calling their actions "a bit over the top," Voller said the proceeds from the auction would towards a good cause.


Juentus failed to earn full points from their game in hand on AC Milan and remain in second place after a 0-0 draw with Parma on Wednesday. Juventus remain the only unbeaten side in a top European league but are still a point behind the defending champions with another game in hand.

Juventus were unlucky not to find a breakthrough. Giorgio Chiellini's header struck the post in the fourth minute and the visitors had several penalty shouts waved away. Parma goalkeeper Nicola Pavarini pulled off several key saves to earn a vital point for the 12th-placed side.


What do you think of today's stories? Worried about the future of the Americans at Rangers? Were police right to arrest the Ajax fans? What are your thoughts on the latest Warner scandal?

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  1. I could see Los staying (if they can afford him that is…). They offered him a several year deal that is very attractive to a guy his age. He’s also been a rock in their D.

  2. Where does that pension money come from? From profits made by US Soccer I assume? So like, money from licensing, ticket sales, and fees?

    So instead of having that money to invest in the development of the sport and our future youth, it goes to a brazen and shameless low-life.

    So I buy tickets and jerseys to support the sport and country I love and the suits use it to pay the exorbitant pension of a criminal?

    Its ridiculous that Warner is even eligible to receive something like that. Dude should be in prison. Bureaucrats are something else.

  3. Bigsoccer and Bill Archer are all over this:

    First, it stopped paying Warner’s ExCo pension, which amounts to some US$230,000 a year until he reaches age 96.

    (Allow me: Warner is currently 69, so if he lives to a very ripe old age we’re talking well over US$6,000,000, which is a scandal all by itself.)

  4. Hopefully this theft from the Haitian earthquake fund will finally be the undoing of Warner. For 20 plus years his cronies have had his back and he theirs, but hopefully this revelation will make these bottom-feeders turn on him. This also comes as he’s being held to account for not paying T&T players for the 06 WC. One would assume this confluence of allegations is finally enough to put this pathological thief and liar behind bars. I wish I could say that I am surprised that he would steal from an earthquake fund but if anyone is capable of that level of depravity it is Jack Warner.

  5. It HAS to be a typo! Why the heck would you steal $690,000 if you had a annual pension of $39 million. Does FIFA provide that pension?

    If so, I’m running for CONCACAF President when the position is open.

  6. Jack Warner – that is is disgusting if the allegations hold to be true. Stealing from Haitian earthquake victims funds?!?! That’s deplorable.

  7. Okay, from football 365

    “FIFA are withholding Warner’s pension – reportedly worth £30,000 a year to the 69-year-old”

    That makes more sense.


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