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Tuesday Kickoff: Capello to meet with FA, Arsenal plan summer Asian tour & more

Capello reuters


The English FA will meet with national team manager Fabio Capello after rising tensions over the dismissal of John Terry as captain threatens to fracture an already tenuous relationship between the two sides.

Capello has been very outspoken in his disagreement with the FA's decision to strip Terry of the captain's armband after the defender's racism trial was delayed until July. He told an Italian television station "It's going to be civil justice, not sports justice, to decide if John Terry committed the crime he is accused of. I thought it fair that John Terry keeps the captain's armband."

As Capello meets with FA chairman David Bernstein at Wembley this week, rumors continue to swirl that the Italian's comments violated his contract. The odds of him departing the team before the tournament have shortened considerably, though.

Here are some more stories to kick off your Tuesday:


Arsenal have confirmed plans to tour Asia this summer. The three-stage tour will take the Gunners to Seoul, Beijing and Hong Kong where they will play friendlies. The tour will probably take place in mid-to-late July during the downtime between the European Championships and 2012 London Olympics.

Arsenal will also travel to Nigeria in August before the start of the English season. Africa is a budding market for Premier League soccer with Arsenal recognized as one of the more popular teams.


An appeals court in the Netherlands has stopped the appointment of Louis van Gaal as CEO of Ajax. The court sided with Johan Cruyff as the acrimonious situation at the legendary club reaches a boiling point.

The ruling stated that Cruyff, who is an Ajax board member, was not properly consulted when the decision to appoint van Gaal was made. Ajax said they will try to reappoint van Gaal using proper channels.


The Argentinian government has named this season in honor of a ship sunk during the Falkland Islands' conflict with Great Britain nearly 30 years ago. This season, which begins this week, will be known as "Crucero General Belgrano" and is a pointed jab at the United Kingdom.

Argentina lost over 300 soldiers when the warship was sunk in 1982 during the 10-week war and tensions have been rising between the two country's since the arrival of Prince William in the Falklands last week as a member of the Royal Air Force.


Do you side with Capello or the English FA? Disappointed Arsenal won't be coming Stateside this summer? What's your opinion of the drama at Ajax?

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  1. Their kit deal won’t allow them to go to the US. The deal ends couple years from now so only then will they go on tour in the US which I won’t miss.

  2. So your telling me that a racist on a team with a number of black players who has affairs with teammates wives isn’t fit to be captain. I would certainly hope that they can find someone who is more fit or else they have some major issues.

  3. There are several reasons I think Terry should not be England’s captain, but to take it away now implies that the FA has already made its decision on a case that won’t be heard until July.

    And I do believe that the captaincy is Capello’s decision to make. If the FA thinks he’s making bad decisions, then fire him, but don’t emasculate him.

  4. Capello is picking the wrong battle here. There is more than enough history to merit Terry to NOT wearing the armband, this racism case aside.

    Besides, are you telling me there isn’t at least ONE other person in their pool capable of wearing the band? This is all about Capello and his belief that this is his call to make not the FA. Either way it’s just so many dogs arguing over which hydrant “belongs” to them… pointless.

  5. In a bold pincer movement in conjunction with Argentine FA authorities — and in recognition of the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 — the MLS has announced the upcoming MLS season will be known as “The Burning of Washington”.

    One wonders if the British FA can withstand the withering assault. One also wonders if the new name for the season will finally inspire DC United fans to torch RFK.


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