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Agudelo to undergo surgery, will miss six weeks


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If the New York Red Bulls are going to build on their first win of this season in the coming weeks, they will have to do so without Juan Agudelo.

Agudelo is scheduled to undergo surgery in New York City on Monday to repair a torn medial meniscus in his left knee. Agudelo suffered the injury in the first half of the U.S. Under-23 men's national team's 6-0 victory over Cuba in the Americans' Olympic qualifying opener last Thursday.

The 19-year-old forward's expected recovery time is six weeks.

What do you think of Agudelo having knee surgery? How do you see him returning from the injury?

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  1. He will be back in two months if all goes well. I just did arthroscopic surgery for a torn medial meniscus and was playing in a little over two months and I’m a fat, out of shape 40 year old. Good luck Juan

  2. FFS, people, the US may not qualify and his injury will probably be a major reason why the US does not qualify (I realize he doesn’t play defense…). The Red Bulls, well, they’re not my concern at this point.

  3. I tore my meniscus playing soccer as well.

    Minor injury that doesn’t even require surgery for non-professional athletes. If surgery is performed, it’s arthroscopic and about as minimally invasive as a surgery can get.

    Since the qualifying timeframe is so tight, this injury is no more serious than a pulled hammy or twisted ankle.

    Agudelo will be back with time to spare for the Olympics.

  4. Yeah, Backe’s going to love this. We’ll be hearing about it for another 6 months. After he claims that he didn’t even know about Olympic qualifying.

  5. red bulls will be fine. Cooper was a beast yesterday, and maybe Rogers will surface soon.

    If by some miracle the olympics still happen then he will be ready in plenty of time for that at least.

  6. They did pretty damn well without him last night. If they get Rodgers back, then Cooper+Rodgers up top with Henry behind them, they’ll be just fine without Agudelo.


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