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Altidore, Cherundolo and Jones to face Spanish foes in Europa quarters


U.S. national team starters Jozy Altidore, Steve Cherundolo and Jermaine Jones all saw their teams draw tough Spanish opponents in the Europa League quarterfinals, which were drawn on Friday.

Altidore will be returning to action in Spain for the first time since leaving Villarreal as AZ Alkmaar takes on Valencia, while Jermaine Jones and Schalke will try to stop the impressive attack of Athletic Bilbao.

Here is the quarterfinal draw, and semifinal pairings:

Atletico Madrid/Hannover 96 winner vs. winner of AZ Alkmaar/Valencia

Sporting CP/Metalist Kharkiv winner vs. winner of Schalke/Athletic Bilbao

What do you think of this draw? Excited to see Altidore take on Valencia? See Jones being able to help slow down Athletic Bilbao?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. And the 5th player in spanish absolute selection is Iraola.
    Barcelona is the identity of spanish absolute selection.
    Athletic Bilbao is the identity of spanish under 21 selection.

  2. I don´t think so.
    Athletic has 5 players in absolute selections, (javi martinez,llorente, muniain and amorebieta) and 6 players in spanish under 21 spanish selection
    (susaeta, de marcos, iturraspe, Herrera, san jose and aurtenetxe)
    It plays as well as barcelona. And this team needed help with referee to equal the match.
    San Mames is awesome stadium and only Real Madrid has survived in a normal match.
    Is shalke similar to Real madrid? NO.
    It will be very difficult.
    Manchester thaught that it will win easily and was humiliate.
    “Never underestimated enemy or you will lose”.
    Furthermore, Athletic Bilbao and Valencia has win Atletico Madrid that is the poorest of the three spanish teams.
    Athletic and Valencia are fighting to enter in champions, atletico madrid in Europe League instead.

  3. The tough teams may rest more players early on. May. In any case, going for an az sporting final. Two giants going head to head.

  4. Agreed about Atleti/Hannover, but I am biased. Truth is, Atleti is the better team, but inconsistent play, especially in getting balls into the box, can kill them.

  5. I don’t think Dempsey was playing as a striker until this season when Fulham was in a hole and Deuce was the only one scoring goals.

  6. Ugh, Valencia is probably the best team in the tournament. Tough for AZ to draw them in the quarters. Wonderful test for this team though, and amazing experience for Jozy. I would love, love, love to see another American in a prominent role in a Europa final. I feel like this AZ team has actually been more dominant to this point than Deuce’s Fulham squad was, and they play a more entertaining brand of football, so if they reach the final, it might be even more exciting.

  7. I really dont care what the media says, just like c. ronaldo dempsey is a striker. He plays like a withdrwn striker. It just looks cooler to see all those goals next to dempsey’s name as a MF 🙂

  8. Great match-ups. Jones, and Jozy will have considerable influence on two top flight competitions.

    Holman and Beerens have to provide better service to Jozy to beat Valencia. Jozy has been the better passer of the three.

  9. So glad to see Jermaine is moving on quickly after his American Idol fiasco. I hope he can block it out in time for the next Schalke game.

  10. Well considering Schalkes midfield is better than Manchester United’s midfield I think Schalke and Jones will have a better chance at slowing Down Athletic Bilbao. Everything comes through the Midfield for Bilboa. This is the match of the QF’s.
    Jozy and AZ have a hard task, but I didn’t think they would get passed Udinese. I think this will be a good series, but I think Valencia takes it.
    Sporting are clearly favorites against Metalist. Too bad Gooch will still be out injured for the QF’s, but he seems poised to return for the Semi’s which will be good for Sporting.
    Dolo/Hannover against Atletico is another tasty tie. That should be a good series as well which could go either way.

  11. You’re kidding, right? How about Dempsey leading Fulham to the Europa final two seasons ago or his record breaking season last year and this year? how about Bradley’s record breaking season with 16 goals at Heerenveen?

  12. Awesome. AZ is in for a fight. But this is great. Jozy has to bring his A-game to this. If he plays well or scores and AZ advance, the press will be all over him. No other American striker has ever had such a terrific season.


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