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Chelsea return to USA to play Sounders in July

Drogba Lampard Chelsea (Getty Images)

Chelsea are making their way back to the United States this summer to take on an opponent it is familiar with.

Chelsea will kick off their preseason summer tour in the United States versus the Seattle Sounders at CenturyLink Field on July 18, the Premiership club announced on its website on Monday.

The two teams previously met in 2009 in an exhibition match that kicked off Chelsea's U.S. tour that year. Chelsea won that game, defeating the Sounders, 2-0, in front of a record crowd of 65,289.

What do you think of Chelsea returning to the United States take on the Sounders? Planning on going? Hoping the EPL heavyweight stops in Portland and Vancouver, too?

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  1. Paul, that is definitely noteworthy. I know a ton of us LA fans are flying to Portland in July, but I’m not sure about Seattle. It’s too bad our country is so damn big. I’d be all over these west coast games if it didn’t cost $400 bucks a pop to travel/lodge/eat for one game.

  2. These games for me are a joke, but they are not going away…they make way too much money selling very high priced tickets to big Euro team fans and casual fans.

    I thank the Sounders for letting season ticket holders opt out.

  3. I’m hoping the Cascadia games have higher attendance than the Chelski one. Talk about a message to the higher-ups.

    Not that I expect it, but its possible…

  4. There’s more in it for Chelsea to sell their team to us here than for us to get much out of this friendly. It just whets the appetite for the coming EPL season and takes away from the exciting regular season of MLS. Kinda sucks that the most lucrative games for teams and mls are the mid season friendlies.

  5. And that is so cool that fans are as or more interested in that news Jeremy! Pacific northwest and west coast along with SKC, Philly and Houston has gotten something pretty special going on.

  6. Agreed. Chelsea is nice I guess, even though they were just here a few years ago, but the biggest news is the entire stadium being open for the Cascadia games and one of the LA games.

  7. kinda missed the news the sounders are opening up the upper deck for this game and LA, VAN and POR…seems like something worth noting.

  8. Awesome! But, even though Chelsea’s my favorite EPL team, it’d be nice to see some others come by like Arsenal or Tottenham.


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