Fantasy MLS: Which game should SBI use?

Fantasy MLS: Which game should SBI use?

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Fantasy MLS: Which game should SBI use?



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With a new MLS season four days away, it's time to start up the SBI Fantasy MLS League yet again. 

We'll have our league set up by Thursday so you can select your teams and vie for SBI Fantasy MLS superiority ahead of First Kick, but before we do that we want your input on which game we should use. For the last few years we've used the MFLS game. Another alternative we are considering is the game. 

Both incorporate picking a squad with a salary cap, but the scoring systems differ considerably. In MFLS, players on top teams are typically better bets, because team goal differential gets taken into account for individual. In the MLSSoccer game, the scoring mimics that of the Fantasy Premier League game – though there are unusual attacking and defending bonuses. Each week you must pick a captain, whose points are worth double, and a vice-captain, whose points will double in the event the captain does not play. Automatic substitutions that provide cover in the event that a starter on your team is a scratch are also in play in the MLSS game, whereas they are not in MFLS.

With all that said, which game do you want to see SBI use for Fantasy MLS this year, MFLS or Cast your vote here:

How did you vote? Which game do you want us to use and why? 

Share your thoughts below and get ready for another season of Fantasy MLS on SBI.

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