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Gatt recalled by Molde, will miss Olympic qualifying


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U.S. Under-23 men's national team head coach Caleb Porter will need to call in another player for his Olympic qualifying side, as defender Josh Gatt has returned to Molde FK.

Having suffered a string of injuries, the Norweigian club recalled Gatt on Sunday, leaving the United States without one of its more talented and versatile players. Molde FK is currently preparing for its title defense and begins its season next Friday against Stomsgodset.

Gatt is no stranger to missing out on U.S. U-23 team camps. He was not a part of the February camp as he continued to recover from the knock he sustained while with the U.S. team in the January camp in Los Angeles.

A replacement is expected to be added by Porter by March 20, when official Olympic qualifying rosters are due to CONCACAF. Two options Porter could turn to are Philadelphia Union defender Sheannon Williams and Tijuana left back Greg Garza.

What do you think of Gatt missing out on qualifying? Think his standing with the team is in jeopardy? Who would you like to see brought in to replace Gatt?

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  1. Molde pays Gatt’s salary. That “dime bag Norwegian team” is developing a potentially valuable property in Gatt. He is their property.

    Molde is not “jacking around” the US. He is a Molde player who is eligible to play for the US not the other way around.

    That is probably why the regulations are, in general, slanted in favor of the clubs.

    No clubs, no money.

    No money,no professional players.

  2. Gatt is, what, 18?

    You have no idea what his best position may ultimately be yet. He plays right back a fair amount for Molde.

    If Williams is not much of an offensive threat, that is a problem in a 4-3-3 which typically are oriented towards attacking fullbacks.

  3. He continues to struggle tremendously in the technical and tactical. Good enough for a Norwegian team and US Soccer.
    Not good enough for the International arena. Overrated is an Understatement.

  4. Aren’t required? Try with the exception of Gatt “did not make the cut.” Wooten was presumably outplayed by the guys like Boyd who are playing with similar backgrounds who were in the Eurocamp, and Gale couldn’t possibly be so hurt he can’t play two months later, or so necessary to Carolina he’s been left there.

    Do teams have to release players for the Olympics themselves? I grasp qualifying is not treated like an international date, but is there potential for tug of war again if we qualify?

  5. Molde won their league for the first time in their 100 year history and will be in Champions League this year… their coach is also a somewhat well known fellow.

  6. Too bad for Josh. The Detroit Free Press sports section (print edition) had a nice article on him today as well. Some interesting quotes from him on how he initially struggled with both the technical and tactical speed of the game in Europe. Sorry for not re-posting but can’t find the original article online.

  7. I think this sucks but what can we do. Williams does not impress me offensively. I think well see Garza. Until we qualify I want the strongest team we can call in and just like the u-20’s last year I don’t want any weaker players, at least in the mind, of Porter.

    FWIw I read on the silverbacks Facebook page the u-23’s that we were leading 2-0 at the half of the scrimmage.

  8. He is not Norwegien any way. Nor does he have a Norwegien passport. Full blood American there pal. Born and raised in Michigan.

  9. Because they need players in order to win games so they can improve their financial situation? Kind of an obvious choice…

  10. Too bad – I was really looking forward to seeing Gatt play, even as a defender. My guess is a Norwegian conspiracy to get him to file his one-time switch. Those sneaky Norwegians.

  11. Why are you wishing we have players unavailable for selection? This is some dime bag Norwegian team jacking US Soccer around. F them.

  12. It’s probably Sheanon Williams, but could Alfredo Morales be a dark horse candidate? Or does the fact that he wasn’t included on the original roster mean that Hertha Berlin are not willing to release him? Probably the latter…

    Also, “He was not APART of the February camp” means almost the opposite of what it’s trying to say with that unfortunate typo…

  13. Look at the bright side, we have players important enough to their teams that they do not want them released. Now, that is progress.

  14. They don’t really need him. That Porter listed him as a defender and used him as one in camp indicated he would not played his natural winger role (and the U-23s are quite deep there).
    Gatt is not a good RB, we already have a “fast but not good defensively RB” on the roster in Sarkodie, there’s no point in having another (even if Gatt is the better of the two, which he is).
    Now hopefully Porter will call in Sheanon Williams, who is not much of an offensive threat, but can at least defend well. Williams and Sarkodie are a better duo for the spot because they have different strengths and weaknesses.

  15. It’s a shame that he won’t be a part of the qualifying process, but I don’t see how his standing with the US would suffer. It isn’t like he wanted to abandon the U23 camp; Molde had a string of injuries and need all their healthy players to be able to field a competitive squad.

    As far as who they should call in to replace Gatt, I’d like to see Alfredo Morales but I doubt he’d be released.

  16. it’s a shame we are not going to see him play. as to his status with the team, I suppose is up to what Porter thought about his play during these few days of practice, if he liked what he saw of him in all of his camps, he will call him for the Olys if we make it that is.

  17. I never thought I’d write this, but they don’t need him.

    That’s right, one of the most exciting attacker prospects the US has to offer would be surplus to this squad. He hasn’t made many camps, so it would be tough to break in at any rate.

    There is so much talent in this squad that Gatt, Wooten, and Agbossomunde aren’t even required.

    My point is, poor Cuba.

  18. It will probably be Williams. But you never know Luis Gil might get called in. Porter wasn’t sure he was going to use Gatt at RB anyway. And Luis Gil can play various positions as well. Too bad about Gatt, but Molde signs his paychecks.


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