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Henry flies to London to visit Muamba


Photo by Howard C. Smith/

Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba is receiving all kinds of support from around the soccer community as he continues his recovery from a sudden cardiac arrest, including one touching gesture from an MLS star who happens to be one of his former teammates.

New York Red Bulls forward Thierry Henry flew to London Tuesday for a brief visit with the recovering Muamba, a teammate of his at Arsenal from 2002-2007. Sources confirmed to SBI that while Henry left for London, he is fully expected to return ahead of Thursday's training session.

Muamba, whose heart stopped beating for 78 minutes and required 15 shocks to be restarted after the cardiac episode according to statements made by Bolton's team doctor, remains in intensive care at the London Chest Hospital.


  1. I’m all for it. It’s not as if Henry jetted off to go sit on an island somewhere for a few days, he went to visit a friend that nearly died in the hospital. New York is struggling right now but imagine the implications if Muamba passes and NY didn’t let Henry go and visit him. The animosity he would hold for the organization certainly wouldn’t help. Besides, he isn’t exactly the player we need to be worrying about missing a day or two of practice. While he is away the entire team should be practicing set pieces (taking and defending) non stop.

  2. Not me. If Muamba is a friend and Henry can afford the time and money, which it seems he can, then that is what friends do for each other. It probably meant a lot to Fabrice and maybe even more to his family.

    After all it’s not like Muamba fell and skinned his knee;this a matter of life and death.

  3. This is a classy gesture. With our passion for sports we often forget that these guys are people too and some things in life are just bigger than sports.

  4. I haven’t been a big fan, mostly because of his arrogant body language when he plays. But this is a class act. If any of us had a friend in the same position, I’d hope we would all do the same thing. Training session or not.

  5. You know what would make everyone love him? If he can stuff luke rodgers in his luggage and bring him back to the states.

  6. Depends how close they were — though the piece above must be stretching it. Teammates in 2002? When Muamba was 13? It would be more accurate to say they were teammates from 2005 on, when Muamba moved from the youth level to the senior side. Talented kid.

  7. It’s a nice gesture and all, but… doesn’t anyone think that flying 12 – 16 hours just for a short visit in the hospital with a former teammate is kind of insane?

  8. Yeah he whines (let’s be honest, what good player doesn’t?), but I can’t help but love this guy. I almost want NY to be better just for him.



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