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Liverpool, Spurs to meet in Baltimore

SpursLiverpool(Getty Images)

The summer friendly announcements continue to roll in.

Liverpool and Tottenham, both of whom have already announced plans for a U.S. summer tour, will meet at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on July 28 for a club friendly.

Liverpool announced earlier this week that they would be taking on AS Roma at Fenway Park in Boston on July 25, while Tottenham has friendlies scheduled with the Los Angeles Galaxy and New York Red Bulls on July 24 and 31, respectively.

"This third fixture is a great opportunity for two of the biggest names in English football to showcase the strength of the Premier League to a North American audience – something we know will appeal to our many fans who live across the USA," Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy said in a club release. 

Baltimore is no stranger to international club friendlies, drawing a sell-out crowd of more than 72,000 to an AC Milan-Chelsea match in 2009 and drawing about half of that a year later for a match between Inter Milan and Manchester City.

Baltimore-area fans, are you excited about the prospects of seeing Tottenham and Liverpool?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. People should quit complaining.
    The more exposure the sport can get in the USA, the better.
    Futbol/soccer has come a long way in the states in a short time. I’m excited that america is slowly catching on.
    The mainstream media will have to give in eventually. Soccer may never gain the popularity of the NFL or the NBA in the states, but it does have a chance to be on par with hockey and or baseball.

  2. MLS? never heard of it…. oh wait yes I have because I’ve been to plenty of United games…. but suggesting that all the things I mentioned above should not hold water and I would be better off watching DC United play Columbus Crew instead is kind of laughable.
    I support United, went to MLS Cup between the Revs and Dynamo at RFK Stadium but bash a summer friendly between Spurs and Liverpool all you want but the exhibition soccer they play and the atmosphere will be better than what you typically see in MLS. Not every MLS game has the atmosphere or Seattle and Portland or the star power of the Galaxy. For the same $36 I just can’t get that excited to see Davy Arnaud match up against Nat Borchers, maybe you can

  3. Lol. This is the 3rd post I’ve seen from this guy to both contain a baseless insult and display an inability to recognize sarcasm.

  4. Very well said. Seeing the top European teams play each other is a treat. Paying somewhere b/w $25 – $150 is no different then paying for a NFL, NBA or NFL game. Chances of me seeing Man U / Barca in Europe is slim to none – thus I will gladly pay to see the exhibition here.

  5. My favorite EPL team playing one of my best friends favorite teams less than an hour away, the day before my birthday? Definitely excited.

  6. The cheapest seats are $36 not the $75 that winston mentioned.

    I went to Chelsa v AC Milan, it was a great atmosphere, Man City v Inter the next year only drew 36k but that was before City started spending like the Yankees. I also went to Man U v Barca last summer and will be going to the US v Brazil friendly in May.

    Take friendlies for what they are, friendlies and a chance to see some of the worlds top players live. Most stateside fans of European football will never have a chance to see these players live unless you attend one of these friendlies. I don’t think anyone attending these games is under the impression they are going to watch a champions league final but if my team is Man U and my kid’s favorite player is Rooney I’m going to see them play live if I have the chance, and if you get lucky and get a chance to meet an injured Chicharito and Alan Keegan (Old Trafford’s sideline PA announcer) in the suite level lobby its pretty cool

  7. The Milan v Chelsea game at M&T was a blast. Great energy, great goal from Drogba – I’m hoping for a similar show with this game.

    Seems to be a good deal of negativity surrounding these games. I probably wouldn’t pay $100+ to see an MLS team play a top premier league team during the MLS season, but this is two premier league teams playing a couple weeks before the season starts – should be fun.

  8. “I am not a monster”

    Will Homeland Security let that scary looking guy in the green punching at those guys in red in the country? He looks dangerous -:)

  9. I long for the day when these type of matches are ignored and/or seen as what they are. I think it’s silly that an MLS team needs to feel guilty (see Sigi/Seattle last year w/ Manu)for feilding a less than top notch team. 7-0? Honestly, if any of the critics of that game or score had any depth of soccer knowledge, they wouldn’t have been criticizing.

    Here’s hoping all MLS squads play their scrubs for experience and save the majority of the first team for games that matter.

  10. Too much money to see an exhibition. Same with the US-Brazil match down 95 at FedEx. I’ll pay to see games that count but $75 cheapest seats for a game that doesn’t interests me none. Money grab, nothing else.

  11. These frendilies are nothing more than cash cows for these clubs while they get fit for their season. I made the mistake of going to see RSL vs Real Madrid with two tickets costing us $175 for nose bleed seats at Rice Ecles Stadium. What a waste of money for a nothing game.

    Most of the clubs in the EPL and La Liga are in huge debt so these fixtures are needed for that reason if no other.

    As for Spurs having many fans accross the USA…I don’t think so.


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