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Manchester United vs. Fulham: Your Running Commentary

Dempsey Man Utd (Getty Images)

Fulham have lost their last two league games via shutout, and in order to end that poor run on Monday they will have to do so against a Manchester United team still fighting for first place in the Premiership.

Manchester United hosts the Cottagers (3pm, ESPN2) in a match that will pit Clint Dempsey against the likes of Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and Ryan Giggs. Dempsey will be aiming to get on the scoresheet for the 13th time in league play this season, while Manchester United will try to avoid a result that would put a dent in their run at the Premiership title.

If you will be watching today's match please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Just created by himself Fulham’s equalizing chance, and the ref was afraid to blow the PK so late at Old Trafford

    Classic Joke that goes ManU’s way

  2. Omfg the cheating for United is outrageous. Blatant penalty not called. It does not get anymore blatant than that.

    Just F#@#&ing ridiculous.

  3. That looked like a dive by Murphy, but on replay it was clearly a penalty. Not many refs are going to give a penalty in the 90th minute on a borderline call to a team that hasn’t done anything all game.

  4. Well you obviously have to choose your defensive battles as an attacking player, problem is Pogrebnyak hasn’t chosen any. Seems clear that Dempsey, Hangeland, Schwarzer and maybe Dembele keeping Fulham in this.

  5. Wrong about what? That he’s been walking a lot? That he had no responsibility to close down Young?

    Oh, never mind. Rah Rah Rah, Dempsey Dempsey Dempsey!!!

  6. Like most other Americans, I love Dempsey, but he has been walking around a lot himself in this match. Other than a couple of moments he doesn’t look great playing deeper. He also should have closed Young down on the goal, too. Though obviously the botched clearance was a gift he had nothing to do with.

  7. A big reason why I’d take Dempsey over Pogrebnyak — Dempsey runs in his own half, makes clearances, tackles and interceptions. Pogrebnyak jogs around makes half-hearted effort at defending.

  8. Did Steve really just say “we don’t need the olympics?” haha wow, it’s the most renowned sporting event in the history of our world and you’re going to say that soccer doesn’t need to be in it? I completely disagree with that statement.

  9. Since Rooney drops back a lot this season, who thinks Dempsey would have more than his 18 goals this season if he played the Rooney-like role for United.


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