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Mid-Day Ticker: Howard signs new deal, Dawson likely out for EPL season & more


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Tim Howard won't be leaving Goodison Park any time soon.

The U.S. national team goalkeeper has signed a new contract that will keep him with Everton until 2016. By the end of the deal, Howard will have spent a full decade between the posts for the Toffees.

"When you have a really good relationship in life and both sides are eager to continue and keep that going, it's a no-brainer," Howard said. "This hasn't been a knockdown, drawn-out type of negotiation with meetings or anything like that. They were very happy to keep me here and I was very, very happy to stay. It's a place that is home for me."

Howard has played more than 250 matches for Everton since joining the club in 2006, initially on loan from Manchester United.

Here are some more stories to keep your Thursday rolling:


Tottenham's aspirations of securing a Champions League berth and F.A. Cup glory this season took a blow Wednesday, when centerback Michael Dawson suffered serious ankle and knee injuries in a 3-1 F.A. Cup replay win over Stevenage.

Manager Harry Redknapp said it will be a "miracle" if Dawson plays again this season after the injuries, suffered during a collision with Stevenage defender Chris Beardsley. The injuries would also appear to rule him out of competing for England at Euro 2012.


The legend of Brazilian sensation Neymar continued to grow Wednesday, as the 20-year-old notched three goals in Santos' 3-1 win over Internacional in Copa Libertadores play, the second of which came at the end of a spectacular 70-yard dribbling display.

In other group stage action, Deportivo Quito triumphed 3-0 over Velez Sarsfield, Corinthians dropped Nacional by a 2-0 score, and Fluminense fell 2-1 to Boca Juniors.


Tottenham winger Gareth Bale has hit back at allegations of diving, saying he only goes to the ground without contact if he is trying to avoid injury on careless tackles.

"If people want to say I'm diving then they can, but I'm trying to get out of the way and save myself, save my career if you like," he said. "It's a bit annoying [when people say I dive] but you've got people flying in at you, you're trying to get out of the way of the challenge. If you stand there, you're going to get a whack."


Are you happy to see Howard sign a long-term deal at Everton? How big a blow will losing Dawson be to Tottenham? And where does Neymar's strike stand among this year's best goals so far?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Would be interesting to see Timmy in a high pressure situation like that now that he has experience and always confident. Everton are really never going to threaten higher than 6 or 7 on the table without an oil baron or royalty financing the team.

  2. Great to see Timmy Howard get the contract extension. He absolutely deserves it. This means that he very likely could be the #1 USMNT keeper through the next 4 years. I think Tottenham made a HUGE mistake by not aggressively going after him when they had the chance (No disrespect to Brad Freidel).

  3. Good news for TH1. Tim Howard is incredibly beloved throughout all of Evertonia, it’s no wonder that he would want to stay. And there really is no validity to an argument that his play has suffered for being in a mid-table club–he is one of the most consistent keepers in the EPL. In fact one could argue that he’s a at an ideal club from a nats perspective in that his club sitchee is very similar to the USMNT in a global context: a scrappy mid-sized program with endearing talent and a knack to punch above it’s weight class.

    That said I’d really hope Everton could get it’s house in order over the next few seasons to the point where they can at the very least be a regular feature in Europa matches.

  4. I don’t know how much a blow losing Dawson is to Spurs. Obviously they would rather have him, but it’s not exactly like he’s played any kind of a role at all in their success so far.

    As for Bale, as a Spurs fan I hate to admit it, but he is becoming a diver and he needs to cut that crap out. He’s starting to become good for at least one dive every other game. Some of them are really shameful, CRonaldoesque dives. Makes it harder to root for him.

  5. For Everton, keeping Howard was a no-brainier because he is world class, and one of the best in the Premier, but I just wonder why settle for the same? Then again, I don’t think I heard anything about any other team being interested in his services.

  6. Interesting about Howard as JK recently told the Miami Herald that he wants to see both Dempsey and Howard to move on to a Champions League side ASAP.

  7. Great for T Howard

    Tough for Dawson, tons of talent but 0 luck w/ injuries! What will we see out of Podolski? He fits the Arsenal mold of superior talent, but enigmatic inconsistency over a season . . . a good edition to the EPL though hopefully.

    It puts Van Persie’s season in perspective, how much he has done with very little to speak of in terms of a supporting cast game in and game out

  8. Good for Timmy. He’s obviously happy and playing well. Nice to see Americans happy and in a stable place overseas where they can play regularly and make good money.


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