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MLS Notes: Salgado rumored to sign, Corradi available for Impact and more

Salgado (Getty Images)

Add Michel Salgado to the list of big-name European players connected to a move to Major League Soccer. 

The former longtime Real Madrid standout, UEFA Champions League winner and current Blackburn right back is contemplating a summer move to MLS, according to Spanish outlet Marca.

The report links the 36-year-old Salgado to the Los Angeles Galaxy, Toronto FC and Sporting Kansas City. Both Toronto and L.A. currently employ the maximum of three Designated Players, so if Salgado were to sign a DP deal, neither of them would be viable fits barring another personnel development. Other reports out of Spain link Salgado just to TFC and Sporting KC.

Salgado has played sparingly for Blackburn this season and hasn't played in a game since December. According to reports, the club won't play him anymore because of a clause in his contract that automatically renews his deal if he hits a certain amount of games threshold.

Here are a couple few more items from around the league:


The Montreal Impact's newest signing will be available for the club's home unveiling.

Bernado Corradi's international transfer certificate has arrived, meaning that the veteran Italian striker has been cleared to play for the club when it hosts the Chicago Fire at Olympic Stadium Saturday afternoon. Corradi, 35, has extensive experience in Europe — mostly in his native Italy — and most recently played for Udinese. He assisted on an Impact goal in the preseason in his only on-field action with the club while he was on trial.

Expecting a record crowd, the Impact added 1,600 more seats to increase the capacity for Olympic Stadium to more than 60,000. The added, temporary, on-field grandstand seats will only add to what is already shaping up to be a memorable atmosphere for the franchise's first MLS home match.


The Houston Dynamo will be without influential Brazilian central midfielder Luiz Camargo when they face the San Jose Earthquakes after his wife gave birth to their child this week.

Camargo sat out the club's season-opening victory over Chivas USA as well, as he is still working his way back to fitness following an offseason car accident that resulted in a minor leg injury.


Kris Boyd's first MLS goal was also an award-winner.

Boyd's header won MLS Goal of the Week honors, beating out Quincy Amarikwa, Camilo, Ricardo Villar and Sebastien Le Toux in the league's weekly voting poll.

The Scottish DP made a near-post run to get onto the end of Kalif Alhassan's cross in the 66th minute, giving Portland a 2-1 lead that it would not relinquish. Watch a replay of the goal here:



What's your take on Salgado potentially coming to MLS? Do you think the Impact should start Corradi? Think San Jose can knock off the Dynamo? What'd you think of Boyd's debut?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. It will be L.A. They need serious help in the back and Garber And MLS will do anything short of giving L.A. _ _ _ _ , no take that back the league and Garber would do that too.

  2. “Add Michel Salgado to the list of big-name European players connected to a move to Major League Soccer.”

    meant to say…:

    “Add Michel Salgado to the list of past-their-prime European players connected to a move to Major League Soccer.”

    Salgado looks 46 and runs like he’s 56. nuff’ said.

  3. I love how all the rumors out of Europe are the DP money guy is going to LA or another impossible rumor. It is not a bargaining chip though, no way…..

  4. Exactly….we need to develop a more agressive youth program/academies and try to create a soccer culture by marketing the sport to urban communties, as it occurs in other parts of world. As far as foriegn players go, I’m tired of seeing dinosaur players from Europe, in the twilight of thier careers, taking up space and salary in this league. If we are going to go foreign, there are an abundance of young south american players who have more upside and are affordable. Besides, if they are good enough, then they should be given the title of “DP”, as to what happen in Dallas with Feriera and Rosales in seattle.

  5. Toronto has one of the youngest teams in MLS and one of the most active youth academies. We hav what, five homegrown players from the academy? Don’t think they’re seriously thinking abou Salgado (this rumour is a bit old and nothing has developed in the last week or so. Having said that, TFC is a young team. Having one more veteran won’t skew the average very much.

  6. Salgado has always stood out to me when watching Blackburn… in a bad way. I always see him getting burned or losing his mark. Don’t think he’d do much for MLS.

  7. A healthy Michel Salgado could be a great fit for the right team, but to bring him over as a designated player would be insane. He’s not playing at Blackburn because he’s not the same player he was when he was at Real Madrid. If he’s willing to make a moderate MLS wage, then he’d be a great fit. Otherwise, let him go somewhere else.

  8. Salgado would be welcomed by someone but only at a bargain price. MLS teams are getting savvy to the old expired Euro thing. It’s not only old Euros that haven’t lasted in MLS. Ljundberg and that Swiss player Seattle brought over come to mind.

  9. Kc does not need a 36yr old defender. We’ll stick with our young, athletic, attacking and cheap options thanks. Meyers and sinovic are fine and Harrington offers cover for either wing. Add in homegrown Ellis and we have no need for an aging and expensive international. Kc has a smarter front office so I assume only Toronto would fall into this trap.

  10. True and who in their right mind who pay this guy DP $$$ when he doesn’t sell more tickets or merchandise. I bet he couldn’t get DP money back in Spain these days unless they are paying him with borrowed (EU) money. 🙂

  11. True (for the last comment), but I think most people wouldn’t consider Alhassan’s deliberate. It turned out beautiful, though.

  12. Yes, I liked Boyd’s goal, but it didn’t get my vote. Quincy did. But facts show how easy it was for a minority of Timbers homers to vote for Boyd as GOTW.

    My question becomes: “Do other teams cover their FB wall with a link to the GOTW vote?” Because if they do raw numbers say that Timbers will beat out Colorado and Vancouver any day. The numbers game is against them. Timbers – 81k; Vancouver – 28k; Colorado – 20k. It only takes 35% of Timbers homers to still outvote Colorado or Vancouver.

    Voting is not exclusive to each teams’ FB “likes” but illustrates how one fan base can outvote all others.

  13. MLS should definitely try to recruit players from the smaller leagues in Europe like the Balkans or Scandinavia. I’m sure players there would hop on over for $150 K a year paychecks.

  14. Salgado would be a huge boost for any of those 3 teams, but he shouldn’t be a DP. Although i am sure he would expect DP money.

    Alhassan’s goal was better than Boyd’s


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