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Muamba in fight for life after collapsing in FA Cup match

FabriceMuamba (Getty)

The soccer world was left in a state of shock on Saturday after Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba collapsed during an FA Cup match from an apparent heart attack.

Muamba fell to the ground during Bolton's FA Cup quarterfinal against Tottenham, leading to paramedics to work to save his life after a massive heart attack left him unconscious. He was rushed to a London hospital, where he is in critical condition and seriously ill.

Here is the latest report on Muamba, with Bolton manager Owen Coyle stating that Muamba faces a crucial battle over the next 24 hours in his fight for survival.

Here is a profile of Muamba from the UK Guardian.

We will provide updates on Muamba's condition as they become available.


  1. Never seen a player convulse like that before. I thought maybe he was an epileptic, then the CPR began. Makes you wonder if he knew he was at risk, or if his entire family is finding out the worst way.

    My thoughts go out them.

  2. A friend who was at the game said Defoe started giving I’m CPR before the medics made it out there, I hope Muamba lives.

  3. I was watching the match when this occurred. After the first few moments, they stopped showing scenes of the resuscitative efforts, focusing instead on shots of the crowd and the players; but those were heartbreaking enough.

    He went into full cardiac arrest, requiring CPR, while on the pitch; CPR continued in the ambulance to the hospital. From personal experience, even if he survives the next 24-48 hours, brain damage is very likely. When I was an EMT, we resuscitated a number of people who’d been pulseless/breathless for more than six minutes; and to be honest, I don’t think we did them any favors in the end. Still, I hope for the best.


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