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Muamba showing “slight improvement,” still in intensive care

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Two days after nearly dying of a massive heart attack, Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba is showing signs of improvement, according to a statement released from Barts Hospital and Bolton Wanderers.

Muamba will remain anaesthetised for the next 24 hours but doctors have said the 23-year-old's heart is "beating without aid of medication and he is also moving his arms and legs." Muamba's heart did not beat on its own for nearly two hours after he collapsed during Saturday's game with Tottenham Hotspur. He remains in intensive care in critical yet stable condition.

"His long-term prognosis will remain unclear for some time," the statement continued. "He is still critically ill and will continue to be closely monitored and treated by staff in the London chest hospital's intensive care unit."

Bolton has already postponed their midweek game with Aston Villa and may postpone Saturday's game with Blackburn Rovers.


  1. Being concerned about the effect of relegation on Bolton’s club and players does not equal not caring about how Muamba’s death on the pitch has affected Bolton’s club and players, fans worldwide who watched it happen (including me), etc. I feel relegation would be a tremendous blow to Bolton, especially after what happened with Muamba. Hence the reason I asked the questions that I did.

    I believe Bolton did the right thing by postponing the Villa game today. The reality is that at some point, the 10 remaining premiership games do have to be played. If they postpone Saturday’s game that is 10 premiership games to be played in the 7 weeks remaining in the season. If they stay in the F.A. cup that figure goes to 11 fixtures in 7 weeks.

    Whether the things you listed above happen to me or not has no relevance to the situation Bolton is facing at the end of this season with a difficult relegation battle.

  2. From a soccernet dot com article:

    “Meanwhile, reports on Monday suggest Bolton are considering pulling out of the FA Cup in the wake of the incident of White Hart Lane. Bolton’s scheduled trip to Aston Villa on Tuesday has already been postponed, and reports claim Wanderers could withdraw from the competition rather than face a rematch at White Hart Lane.

    One source was quoted as saying in the Daily Mirror: “This is a group of young men, just kids really. How could they cope with going through it all again?”‘

    I’m not sure where you interpreted that I disagreed with post-poning/cancelling games. Bolton is doing what is best for the club at the moment. I am just wondering how many more games Bolton can realistically postpone without damaging Bolton’s chances of remaining in the Premiership.

  3. Come on Muamba, at least live. That was horrifying to watch on replay, he was obviously in devastating pain and distress. Hard to just play the next game after that for players that know him and were there with him.

    Now the PL game vs Villa has been postponed at Bolton’s request.

  4. lets see what happens when your teammate/close friend dies in front of you, only to be revived a few minutes later, not knowing whether or not he will speak, walk, and talk again… then we will discuss the postponement of games.

  5. Hadn’t heard this about Bolton pulling out of the Cup. I would be surprised if that happened.

    But, are you kidding me the cluttering comment? Have you ever seen someone almost die in front of you, especially a teammate/brother? I think they are entitled to postpone a couple of games to get a hold of themselves. I can’t blame them in the slightest.

  6. I heard Bolton was also considering pulling out of the F.A. cup entirely? Is that just rumor at this point or are they really considering it? How many games, realistically, can they postpone without cluttering up the teams remaining schedule, especially if they choose to remain in the F.A. cup?


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