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Must-See Goal: Dalibor Veselinovic



  1. I don’t know about best ever, especially as I’d say he’s pretty fortunate it didn’t hit or go over the bar — there’s no way he intended the dip. However, it’s got my vote for goal of the year.

    I was going to give it to Coates on Liverpool for his goal against Stoke yesterday, and it turns out not to even be the best goal of the week.

  2. I seriously thought that commercial where the general scores a goal almost exactly like this was impossible. Guess I was wrong. One of the best goals I have ever seen.

  3. He was falling one way and the ball went the other way. SICK GOAL! Yeah, it trumps Rooney’s textbook bicycle-kick against Man City a year ago!

  4. Maybe best goal ever. The physics and technicality of it are astounding.. I can watch it over and over again and still be amazed…


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