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Queens Park Rangers 3, Liverpool 2: Match Highlights


  1. You all do realize that he was nicknamed King Kenny during his playing days…

    7 League Titles
    3 European Cups
    6 Domestic Cups

    He was even player-coach from 1985-90. I would say he deserves that nickname til the day he dies, even if every team he coached from now on went down!

  2. I like what Norwich is doing this year & its a great accomplishment. Villa is broke…..
    Everton is cheap. QPR bought players during the transfer window & Wright Phillips & Barton before the season. The Manager is the problem, not the owner.

  3. That doesn’t make any sense. Everton, Villa & Norwich don’t have near the money that QPR does – so it isn’t a matter of not spending. My point is that those 3 clubs make quality investments with what money they have – unlike QPR who buys everyone under the moon and still plays football that’s not worthy of the Premiership.

  4. Everton, Villa & Norwich wont spend the money so they may never be in the top 6. At least QPR spent the money in jan to try to avoid relegation. They still might get chopped but give the owner credit for trying.
    IMO Hughes is not the answer @ manager.

  5. What a disaster for Liverpool – questions should be asked as to whether Kenny Dalglish still deserves the title of “King”.

    As far as QPR goes – nice comeback but I still think that club needs to be relegated. For all the new players brought in (and manager) they still can’t get it together on the pitch. If Everton/Aston Villa/Norwich spent money like QPR they’d be Top 6.

  6. Result is an aberration. I would expect agonizing defeats to be the norm for the rest of the season for QPR. Mark Hughes once again will ambitiously spend someone else’s money and achieve amazingly little.

  7. While I enjoy a good lol at the expense of Lolerpool, this is bad bad news for Bolton, already reeling from the Muamba incident. Hopefully our heroes Holden and Ream can survive this relegation battle. QPR need to go down, too many Premier League teams in that neighborhood already…


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