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Reyna discusses Olympic qualifying



  1. There were two incidents during the game that required action from the USA staff that included Reyna.
    1. The Hamid injury was handled poorly by all concerned.
    2. In the Boyd mugging, the staff allowed the Mexican ref to treat it as a minor incident. Shirt pulls and cramps get more attention.
    These were just two incidents where the USA staff showed a lack of experience.

  2. Are you being serious or sarcastic? I thought he offered nothing of value. Why did we perform poorly? Because we played three games in five days? Same old BS nonsensical excuses. I think it would have been better to have Conrad offer his opinions for seven minutes rather than try to interview Reyna.

  3. This team has the talent to play any formation in Concacaf U-23. For once, US quality was better in attack than on defense. I can see why Opara doesn’t get minutes with San Jose. He is just not ready.

    As for Diskruud, he is not ready either. He is consistently pushed off the ball by smaller players.

  4. seeing Adu cry makes me wanna cry. anyone else there with that? he carried the team on his back. why must nowak chain Adu like Prometheus. Free Adu!

  5. And does he lead the US to victory? No he doesn’t.

    Unfair to blame him you say?

    Well if he can’t help us win why have him around?

    If Freddy is so good why can’t he get regular playing time with a club on a consistent basis? Until he does that he will always be a novelty, luxury act and Klinsmann won’t give him a big role if he even calls him in.

  6. I hear what you’re saying, but the kind of changes they want to make will take time.

    I think it’s really hard to judge what he’s doing as the technical director.

    What we do know is that the results should be much better?

  7. Take it easy guys… this was an off the cuff statement in an interview, not an in writing policy on the future of the team. Heck… my Pop loves all of his 6 kids, but half the time doesn’t get their names right or leaves one out. Its why celebrities pull out lists of who to thank at the academy awards.

  8. Don’t see how you can say that. Jimmy began the whole thing with the most fundamental question: what happened?

    Claudio refused to answer.

    What was Jimmy supposed to do?

    He gets interviews because he’s a nice guy.

  9. I believe Claudio is 0-2 as Technical Youth Director, that’s not good brother! Eventually if you have another FAILURE, guy your plan is obviously not working. Granted both failures are related since the recent U-23 is dependent on that U-20 who failed and we know now that such cycle was overhyped in quality of players. What I notice is that out of the 7 players he mention to keep an eye on, only 2 played this tournament throughout. This is sad because eventually unless the upcoming U-17 and U-20 cycles are much better (which I doubt). The next to feel the pinch will be the 1st team or the USMNT.

  10. Did you just call Claudio Reyna an idiot. You sir should burn in hades for every sentence of foulness that you right about Reyna. Claudio Reyna was an amazing player. Not only that he just took the job of technical director last year. Soory people Reyna needs more than a year to really start to change things. Claudio Reyna’ s pinky has more experience and knowledge of the game than you do. Don’t ever comment again.

  11. I also got the impression the coach and team were intimidated by the Mexican referee. Porter should have had both Hamid and Boyd stay on the deck, until medical assistance and explanations in the second case were made.

  12. No, he mentioned those other guys, don’t put them and Adu in the same boat because Reyna certainly didn’t.

    Reyna says that aside from Altidore, Danny Williams, Chandler, Shea, and Agudelo, who are already with the national team, Diskerud, Morales, and Boyd have a bright future there.

    He didn’t mention Adu because he is not an impact player at the full national team level. Being captain of a youth team is irrelevant.

  13. I’ve got news for you, Claudio Reyna.

    If you can’t string 4 passes together on a consistent basis, you’ve got NO BUSINESS playing 4-3-3.

    Our mission was to qualify for the Olympics. Getting knocked out early did absolutely nothing.

    Don’t these guys have video cameras?

    Why can’t they look at videos and see, “OK. This El Salvador team has a technical level that is about our equal. They also have more experience playing competitive matches. Whoops. Maybe we need a Plan B.”

    I could see they needed a Plan B after 10 minutes of that El Salvador game.

    Am I a genius?


    But I could see that we just could not hold the ball. If you can’t hold onto the ball you can’t manage the game. If you can’t manage the game, the team that can will usually win!

    I’m so disappointed.

    Nevertheless, I’m glad they are emphasizing technique. It’s important.

  14. This hoo ha over Adu’s omission by Reyna is unseemly. Claudio probably forgot, just like he forgot to mention Corona.

    Adu has been the next big thing for so long now it’s easy to forget about him and to not take him very seriously. He has been what the Brits call a nearly man or what we call a day late and a dollar short.

    There is alway, always an excuse.

    If you look at the total body of work with the senior USMNT Adu it does not amount to a lot given how long he has been around and given the huge hype.

    It is very easy to forget he is only 22.

    Right now I find it hard see him as anything other than the 23rd or 22nd guy on a 23 man WC roster. Mostly, he needs to once and for all get some kind of stable club situation.
    I hope he proves me wrong but until he does that he won’t be a USMNT regular.

  15. Reyna disappoints, if this idiot knows the shortcomings of US players then what the hell is the use of forcing a system on the players that are not suited for it in preparing a team on the short term basis to qualify for a tournament.

    Also, if you have a squad of 20 players and have to play 3 games in 5 days then why in Pele’s name don’t you use them and not be stupidly surprised when The Canuck’s throw 7 new faces at you. You played the same midfield for just about the entire time, STUPID.

    The blame is not on the players, have the guts to admit that you don’t know a thing about coaching. Fire yourself.

  16. No one did really well in that game. I guess us fans are expecting less and less from their players because a couple of good showings dont warrant the hype these players get. Dont get me wrong i want adu to succeed, i remember watching him play with the u-18 nt against the older kids at my club and met him last olympic qualifying in tampa, but i hate how extreme you people are. One minute hes worthless the next hes the greatest thing ever. No one can say hes a solid prospect that has a lot to learn. I guess its easy to gloss over the fact he missed three easy opportunities to score vs el salvador because he has good technique

  17. I see where you going with this. On the other hand, the playmaker of your team……. Your captain….. Did not get mentioned. This
    a hard pill to swallow or no?

  18. Jimmy to Claudio “Claudio, why did we fail” Claudio to Jimmy “blah, blah, blah”

    Jimmy to Claudio “Claudio, focus… I asked why we failed… you’re the technical youth director and frankly, your youth teams aren’t making it… could you please give me your expert analysis on why we failed?”

  19. If someone can watch that Gold Cup semi and final and not think Adu was one of the best US players on the pitch, there should be serious doubts about his/her ability to analyze the sport.

    Is Freddy always consistent and always a force? No. But when he is, it’s undeniable.

  20. Adu did really well against Mexico in the last gold cup final – I guess Mexican players do not qualify for the “big boys” in your book.

  21. He did more than play one good ball. He most definitely was the catalyst for turing the tide in that Gold Cup semi-final game. Only a fool would say other wise. But haters are going to hate no matter how well a player plays. It’s never good enough for a hater.

  22. I think Adu would fall under the list of players like Agudelo and Shea who have already contributed extensively at the national team level and therefore would not be just “promising.”

  23. What???? Are you serious? He came into one game and played one good ball, he was NO WHERE near the best player. Not even close to the best player on philly either. He has done little and you are already hyping him up again. This is the problem he had in the fisrt place.

  24. Like when he was called up during the Gold Cup and was the best player on the Senior National Team?

    He’s also been Philly’s best player.

  25. I think this is more a case of “if we only had Morales and Altidore and Chandler….” Baloney.
    US Soccer needs to step up to the plate and say “we weren’t good enough. We weren’t ready. We were out-coached and our long preparations for this tourney were ill handled as we did not define a team or staff that could get it done”.
    I mean expressing issues with the 3 games in 6 days format…hey Claudio…everyone else had to deal with it as well. ‘Learning experience’? Do that on your own time, this is the big leagues where we don’t go to that excuse.

  26. Yeah, I heard that.

    But for your technical director to list off players and ignore your best, most technical player is just really bad.

  27. Well, Klinsmann has already praised Adu. Don’t get all balistic. Klinsman makes the senior team selections not Claudio Reyna. And from the praise that Klinsmann heaped upon Adu; I would imagine Klinsmann firmly has him in his mind to call up. Adu was the only player Klinsman praised besides Boyd I believe.

  28. WTF

    We don’t deserve Freddy Adu. He just gets shat on by every level. How do you talk about guys that didn’t even play but leave out Adu?

    Jesus christ he was our best freaking player the entire tournament.

  29. Interesting he didn’t name Adu in that list of players. I thought Adu is by far the most ready U-23 player out of that squad to play with the USMNT. I think the players we will see from the U-23 pool this next few years leading up to WC 2014 are: Adu, Shea, Boyd, Wooten, Morales, Agudelo, Gatt, Chandler, D.Williams, Altidore. I think there are to many CM’s in front of Diskerud for him to actually get called in during this cycle. My May camp roster with 30 players I think Klinsmann will call in: GK: Howard, Guzan, Rimando
    Defense: Chandler(possibly moved to RW), Lichaj, Dolo, F.Johnson, Whitbread, Boca, Gooch, Goodson, Parkhurst.
    Middies: Donovan, Dempsey, Gatt, Adu, Shea, Edu, Bradley, D.Williams, Jones, Torres, Kljestan, Beasley.
    FWDS: Wooten, Gomez, Boyd, Altidore, Estrada, Agudelo.

    The USMNT has three friendlies before WC qualifying. Why not bring in guys that will push the starters in training, and may find themselves getting some playing time against either Scotland, Brasil, or Canada before Klinamsnn selects his 20 player roster before the start of WC qualifying. Makes sense to me.


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