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Santos 6, Sounders 1: Match Highlights



  1. “Typical Seattle sports fans-fire the successful coach” I said vote out Hanauer.
    Sigi is not the GM. Poorly twisted like Leo’s feet.

  2. Yeah. How DARE we lose to the first place team in Mexico. We got there by being pretty successful? DOESN’T MATTER FIRE EVERYBODY!!!!ONEONE!

    Chill. Sigi and Hanauer are doing JUST fine. Typical Seattle sports fans-fire the successful coach as soon as you have an excuse. Continuity? Who needs it!

  3. Sigi is not getting the credit he deserves for this match. Yes the back-line was horrid, yet at 3-3 ag, Sounders could have stole a result. At that point Sigi needed to provide defensive help, through subs, or numbers, but didn’t do either. He left Leo more exposed than a Kim Kardashian home video. Probably not Sigi’s fault but with two months to prepare, one could expect players in better condition. As a Sounder fan I hope the EJ trade is the last action taken by GM Hanauer.
    Vote him out, this year.

  4. Sounders had weaknesses going into pre- season that needed to be addressed. They haven’t solved the problems yet although pundits glossed over them. Sounders needed another striker and improved FB play, they’ve solved neither. Sigi not pulling back a winger to help the slow Leo was cruel and criminal.

    The good news is that USA Herculez Gomez is perhaps the best in-form striker in the tournament, and Klinsmann should bring him into the next camp.

  5. Wow, the Sounders looked even worse than the Rapids did in their 4-1 (?) drubbing at the hands of Santos last fall.

    Did Gomez get up limping or rather stiff after his second goal?


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