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Studio 90: Extra Time with Ike Opara



  1. Terrence Boyd scored today in his final game before heading out to the Olympic qualifying team. That makes two goals in his last two appearances which brings his totalk up to 14 in Regionalliga West. Looks like he will be in top form for teh Olympic tournamet which makes this offense even more scary good. Can’t wait to see these guys play against Cuba on Thursday.

  2. So if you look on youtube a bunch of her stuff as a reporter at UF comes up, including an interview with Erin Andrews. I’ll tell ya one thing…It’s amazing how much better she looks when she’s next to Ike Opara than she does when standing next to Erin Andrews.

  3. lol I’m not sure how you got all of that out of the video.
    Opara seemed a bit nervous, he’s not as used to being in the spotlight as some of these other guys (Adu, Shea, Agudelo), but he should get used to it because he’s got a bright future if he can avoid those foot injuries.

  4. I dunno, she doesn’t seem too into soccer players, or at least Ike. She brings up soccer, Ike starts leaning forward, she meanwhile seems to be seeing how far she can lean back in the chair. Doesn’t scream soccer enthusiast.


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