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Beckham out for Galaxy’s match against Sporting KC

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If the Los Angeles Galaxy are to end Sporting Kansas City's unbeaten run on Saturday, they'll have to do so without midfielder David Beckham. 

The Galaxy confirmed on Friday that Beckham did not make the trip to Kansas City due to back spasms. During training on Thursday, head coach Bruce Arena told reporters that the club "hadn't made a decision" about whether or not the midfielder would make the trip due to several nagging injuries. 

While Beckham did not make the trip, Galaxy midfielder Landon Donovan did travel to Kansas City and took part in the club's training session on Friday. 

Without Beckham in the lineup, Arena is likely to turn to midfielders Michael Stephens or Marcelo Sarvas to replace the Englishman. 

What are your thoughts about Beckham being out? Who should replace the Englishman? Who are you tipping to win Saturday's match?

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  1. As a Galaxy fan, I was upset when Beckham decided to stay. He cares more for the lifestyle than his football fitness, and this year it shows. He’s done. No more England callups to play for. Too slow to be an attacking midfielder, and too poor a defender to be a holding midfielder. There’s no place on the pitch for him, and the team is suffering for it. I can only hope he keeps erupting at his teammates so more phony injuries will show up on the injury report.

  2. Jason Kreis doesn’t want the huge ego on his team unless it’s checked at the door. His total team concept has worked pretty well so far in MLS considering he’s out spent by many teams in the league.

    Why does RSL need a bigger stadium when RioT opened about four years ago? Oh and KUDOS for having visited Salt Lake City.

  3. with no Omar, why play a formation that requires Boyens or Meyer to take the field? neither deserve the pitch at this point, sorry

    Juninho has not played well, so challenge him this game w/Becks out, and start Sarvas and Stephens in there with him too.

    must get the best players on the field without fail whatever that formation is

  4. The Galaxy are going to be the the fourth or fifth best team in MLS (at best) this year. Beckham and Donovan maybe great players but they both have tendencies to be prima donnas. The Galaxy have never seemed like a real team. It’s always been Donovan and Beckham plus those other guys. They won last year because they had sufficiently more talent than any other team in MLS to make up for a lack of chemistry. This year there will be other teams with comparable talent AND chemistry. KC being a good example. I think it’s time for at least one of the Galaxy’s dynamic duo to move on. However, if Beckham goes Keane will likely follow.

  5. first off JRP, there aint jack to do in Salt Lake. I’ve been there. So cudos to Salt Lake for supporting their team, but other areas arent so blessed with nothingness in terms of entertainment alternatives. Sure, if liquor was banned in your big city and there was only one other sports team to compete with footie, yes a MLS would do well. Getting pretty boys Becks and LD into LA is all about MLS HQ being strategic so as to appeal to the entertainment capital of the country. Dont give me that “buy the cup” business. A better question is: hey, checketts why dont you build this stadium bigger and spend some big bucks for Drogs and Adebayor, and some insanely sick talent?

  6. Seriously? The comments on here are crazy. David Beckham is still a threat in almost any league in the world.
    I am an RSL fan and you all would guess correctly my feelings about Galaxy and their attempt to buy the cup for the last four years. That being said, Beckham is a hell of a player. Even at his age.
    When Galaxy starts clicking, and they will, they will be a threat.
    Going in the underdog is actually an advantage.
    I don’t need to defend the leagues darling cause his personal stats last year speak loudly enough.
    I want SKC to win so RSL can crush their winning streak next week, but I wouldn’t count Galaxy out with or without pretty boy.
    SKC has had the easiest schedule in the league so far. The next two weeks will prove if they are as good as they seem.
    May the best team win.

  7. (winces) If you’re an LA fan (mercifully not included), watching this game will be like opening That door in a horror movie: Predictable slaughter.

    Time to get Sapong on the fantasy team.

  8. They do have Donovan though….and let’s be honest, Landycakes is a bigger threat during the run of play. Too bad for the screaming little girls tho…

  9. That sucks! I can see the headlines now. Sporting defeats Beckhamless Galaxy. I wanted to watch Sporting take on a full Galaxy team.


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