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Dempsey’s Free Kick Goal

Clint Dempsey scored two more goals for Fulham today in the Cottagers' 3-0 thumping of Bolton, and the brace helped increase his tally to 21 goals in all competitions (and 15 in Premier League play).

Here is Dempsey's first goal, a beautiful free kick Dempsey called the first free kick goal of his pro career:


  1. Rarely saying something bad about Clint is not the same as being impressed by him. And I’m referring to commentators in general. not just whoever is doing the Fulham games.

    USMNT fans go nuts over Clint because he is an American while most of the nuetrals I’m talking about just view him as having a very good year. They respect Clint but are a lot less hysterical than hush or Clint’s mom who make US fans look ignorant. Chris Coleman, the man who brought Clint to Fulham recently spoke about Clint’s accomplishments and that interview has what I feel is probably the most accurate evaluation of Clint’s time at Fulham and his future prospects.

  2. I think that’s about right. I think he could be an excellent bench player for some of the top teams, but I can’t see him starting. Frankly as an American I think I’d rather see him start at a Europa level team than come off the bench for a CL team, though I do think he deserves a taste of CL football.

  3. I love Clint, but as a Spurs fan frankly I don’t think he’s a good fit. Our center forward needs to be a big target guy like Adebayor. Dempsey would come off the bench for Spurs, and as an American, I’d rather see him starting somewhere.

  4. What I heard this past week in England was that they think that Dempsey is a good player, but not quite on the elite level. Most think in the right situation he could do well on CL team, but he may not be an automatic starter. Some threw out Liverpool and Chelsea as places they thought he could fit

  5. Accuse me of hatting all you want, but the proof is in the facts. Clint hasn’t been signed by a “Big Club” and he won’t be signed by one before his career ends, which is unfortunate.

    So all you guys and gals saying he should be playing in the Champions League and for a “Top 4” side, will be proven wrong when that doesn’t happen.

    I love Clint, and like you all, I’ve been following him since his Revolution days and his blossoming at Fulham, beginning with events like that regulation preventing goal, but the truth is in the facts.

    Could, would, and should unfortunately don’t mean anything. Hopefully he gets a nice big contract extension from Fulham and plays in the EPL as a starter until he’s in his 30’s (about 33 or so) and then comes back to MLS as a Designated Player. He’s done America proud on the world stage and I hope he maximizes his earnings potential, which is commendable in my book.

  6. The folks on match of the day raved about clint, one saying that he is not a midtable player, but is much more. They also said the keeper didnt have a chance on his goal.

  7. Yes they are…I’ve watched every Fulham game this year and they rarely say something bad about Clint.

    They may praise the build up and condem the keeper every now and then, but rightuflly so on most occasions.

  8. It was a good free kick but a better keeper could’ve saved it. It wasn’t one of those no keeper on earth is getting to it, Bogdan even still got a hand to it. That said, still a well taken free kick. But I’d have been upset if Howard let that in and would’ve blamed him for it a little bit. Again, not hating, I believe this puts dempsey at or right out of the top 5 EPL goalscorers. Wonder where it is across all competitions.

  9. Fulham is not a big or a fashionable club and they don’t play in the Champions League.

    And before you talk about the Europa League, that is also second banana, consolation prize stuff in Europe and Britain.

    Neutral commentators are not as impressed with Dempsey as SBI’s rabid USMNT fan base.

    That is one of the reasons why Clint wants to play in the CL.

  10. You never know but, SAF rarely buys older, established players. He prefers them younger and just about to break out.

    If he were going to buy Dempsey it would have been two or three years ago.

    Giggs and Scholes are grandfathered in.

  11. Commentator: The ball was not well struck, keeper slow to react….

    Is there some jealousy because the best midfielder in the EPL is an American?

  12. This is the first free kick I can remember him taking that I was impressed with. I also don’t remember him being a great PK taker. Earlier this year or maybe last year I saw him take a rather tame PK that was blocked that would have given him a hat trick. Looks like maybe he has put some work in to improve his spot kick skills.

  13. Man United – “He’s too old” What?? Don’t think that’s a problem; Giggs and Scholes are practically old enough to be Clints father!

  14. He takes free kicks for the US, he just usually drives them. This is the first time I’ve seen him try to curl one in.

  15. I was surprised to see Denpsey even took a free kick, how often does he do that?
    I can’t even remember the last time I saw Dempsey take one for Fulham or the US team…

    Any dead ball situation you want him in the box, given his excellent headers.

  16. Man United– He’s too old.
    Tottenham– not a bad fit.
    Juventus–that could work.
    Dortmund– forget it. Their wingers have to work extremely hard to get their goals. All that running just isn’t Dempsey’s game. There’s also no reason for them to get rid of Kagawa in the hole.
    Schalke- in my mind this is the best fit. With Raul gone at the end of the season they will need goals.
    Bayern– I don’t see this. They like their wingers to be younger. Toni Kroos has the #10 position in lockdown, and when he’s out Mueller can usually slide in. Or even Schweinsteiger

    But if I had to choose one team, it would probably be Tottenham. He wouldn’t have to move. If he gets a big enough transfer fee for Fulham they may not brand him a traitor.

    At the same time, if he went to Schalke, he could play with Jermaine Jones.

  17. Places I’d love to see him play b/c I think he could fit the style of play and would be able to pay his freight.

    Man United (and I am not a fan)
    Tottenham (if Modric and Bale stay)
    Borussia Dortmund.
    Shalke 04.
    Bayern Munich.

    all CL bound (knock wood), as he should be after the season he’s had.


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