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Fulham 1, Chelsea 1: Match Highlights


  1. I agree completely Taylor. As a USMT supporter and huge fan of Clint throughout his career, its just stunning to watch him do his thing. Fills you with pride to see fans around the world putting that much value on the skills of an American. What it do deuce.

  2. it’s gotten to the point where if i look at the match report and Dempsey doesn’t score, i’m very confused. i turned the game on yesterday in the second half and had no doubt in my mind he would get the equalizer, it was just a matter of how and when

  3. One one hand, Clint needs to stay and continue to be the man at Fulham… on the other, Fulham needs to cash out now…

    of the English Champions League contenders… he has the best fit with Arsenal (they could use his hardwork mentality).. but I think if Newcastle can sneak into the CL, this would be a better place for Clint… and they would love him up in the north…


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