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How long should Marquez be suspended?

Marquez (Getty Images)

After Rafa Marquez' latest act of misconduct, the consensus question seems to be not if MLS' Disciplinary Committee will suspend the New York Red Bulls Designated Player, but how for long?

Marquez' much-publicized, off-ball, NFL-style tackle and kick to San Jose Earthquakes winger Shea Salinas resulted in Salinas breaking his clavicle, and he is set to undergo surgery and miss the next 6-to-8 weeks, according to the Earthquakes.

The egregious nature of the tackle combined with Marquez' shaky reputation and MLS' hardened stance on violent misconduct means that the Mexican international is most definitely in for a ban. The only debate seems to center around the length. Considering it was off the ball, reeked of malicious intent and severely injured a player, should the actions warrant a ban as long as Brian Mullan's unprecedented 10-game suspension for his tackle that broke Steve Zakuani's leg? Should it be treated as any other retroactively disciplined play has this year and yield a one-game suspension, akin to the play warranting a red card? Would it be appropriate if MLS found middle ground and issued a multi-game suspension instead? 

How long do you think Marquez should be suspended? Cast your vote after the jump:


How did you vote? What do you think would be the proper punishment for Marquez?

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  1. I don’t get the purpose of this poll. To stir up fan’s emotions, boiling to show their indignation and their deep-seated hatred of Rafa?

  2. This was the second NFL tackle from behind Salinas in the match, I guess when Marquez couldn’t get him under sufficient control in Marquez’a mind the first time, he applied more force.

    Pure thuggery. As they say in the referee’s course, this kind of stuff has no place in the game. Let”s hope league officials take to heart what FIFA refereeing instructors say.

  3. Shep Messing was unequivocal. Rafa was doing it on every play to Salinas, Messing called it before that specific play occurred, and he did not defend Marquez even a little bit, and he’s the Red Bulls commentator


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