Liverpool opens doors for Fox Soccer reality series

Liverpool opens doors for Fox Soccer reality series

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Liverpool opens doors for Fox Soccer reality series


Liverpool (Reuters Pictures)

Hard Knocks meets one of the Premier League's most storied clubs.

That's the basic premise, as Fox Soccer will be airing a six-episode reality series in the fall that will offer a behind-the-scenes look at Liverpool FC, going where TV cameras have never gone before. The all-access series, titled, "Our Liverpool: Never Walk Alone," will be produced by the same award-winning producer of HBO's popular 24/7 documentary series and will begin with the club's run toward the FA Cup title before the offseason and beginning of the 2012-13 campaign.

"My point of view is that American fans are used to documentary coverage like this, and whether it is ‘Hard Knocks’ or ‘The Franchise,’ these kinds of programs are good for the fans and good for the sport," Liverpool chairman Tom Werner told Fox Soccer. "Our fans want to know more about who these players are and what their lives are like off the pitch. I just think it strengthens the connections people have to our players and helps the popularity of the sport."

What do you think of the series? Expect to learn some things about the inner workings of Liverpool? Which other team would you want an all-access look at?

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