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MLS suspends, fines Joseph

JosephFCD (Getty images)

Shalrie Joseph is the MLS disciplinary committee's latest victim.

The New England Revolution captain was suspended a game and fined an undisclosed amount for his scissoring tackle from behind on FC Dallas' Ricardo Villar on Thursday night, one that drew a yellow card during the game. As a result, Joseph will miss New England's home match against D.C. United this weekend.

Villar was forced from the match after the tackle, one that occurred as Joseph took a heavy touch, allowing Villar to sneak in front of him to try and win the ball back. It appeared that as Joseph went to take his next touch, Villar stepped in and got chopped down in the process.

Joseph joins Houston's Adam Moffat, Dallas' Jair Benitez, D.C.'s Brandon McDonald and Vancouver's Atiba Harris as players whose challenges have been reviewed and retroactively disciplined by the league.

Video of Joseph's tackle can be seen here.

Do you think Joseph deserved further discipline for his challenge?

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  1. In the Balotelli case, I read that the ref saw the 2 players come together, but his view was partially blocked, so didn’t see what Balotelli actually did. How people can argue that when a player commits a bad foul, and the ref makes a mistake on the call, then the player should get away with it just baffles me.

  2. I will give you another Amen. I actually do think that Joseph is a dirty player at times but in this case I don’t think it even was a tackle. As you said, he saw the guy coming out of the corner of his eye and tried to pass the ball but the player got there first.

    It ended up being from behind but was not a tackle. When he started the move, nothing but the ball was in front of him.

  3. “behaving in an arbitrary manner and disproptionately punishing people of color”?
    A bit contradictory there sammy. If it is arbitrary behavior then they would be punishing more people of “no color??” since there are less “people of color” than people of no color?? in the league.

  4. +3 – Looks to me like as he senses the player coming in he is trying to knock the ball centrally but the ball is long gone by the time he slides in. Unlucky for both players.


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