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Soccer Monday: Your Running Commentary

Clint Dempsey (

If this past weekend's action did not satisfy your craving, you are in luck. Monday has a handful of quality matches worth watching, including arguably the day's biggest game between Fulham and Chelsea.

Clint Dempsey will aim to continue his goal-scoring ways when the Cottagers host Fernando Torres, Frank Lampard and Chelsea. Both teams are playing on short rest, having both had games this past Saturday.

Other games on tap include Eric Lichaj and Aston Villa taking on Stoke City, and Tim Ream and Bolton Wanderers' clash with Newcastle United that could help Bolton in its fight against relegation.

Here is a full rundown of the games you can catch today:

10am- ESPN3– Everton vs. Sunderland

10am- Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Deportes– Newcastle United vs. Bolton Wanderers

10am- ESPN Deportes, ESPN3– Tottenham Hotspur vs. Norwich City

10am- FoxSoccer Plus– Bristol City vs. Coventry City

12:20pm- Fox Soccer Plus– West Ham United vs. Birmingham City

12:30pm- Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Deportes- Aston Villa vs. Stoke City

3pm- ESPN2, ESPN Deportes, ESPN3- Fulham vs. Chelsea


If you will be watching today's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play by play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. This weekend there have been 3 matches where official’s poor decisions favored the top clubs. If neither Murphy nor Kelly touched Kalou, that would make it 4-0 Big Teams. There are some who say, calls even out. Not true when top sides play lesser teams. Some say calls cannot be tabulated because many are debatable. However, when you just consider the clear unmistakable errors the bias is easily counted and calculated. This weekend Whales 3 Minnows 0, with just crystal clear errors.

  2. The USA U17s beat Mexico 1-0 for 5th place in a European tournament today. With their recent win over Mexico’s U23s added in, the USA youth sides are not bad.

  3. Any Men In Blazers fans? If they take away Dempsey’s goal, he should at least get credit for an assist to Own Goal. It’s also a nice statistical consolation for taking a goal from the goal scorer.

  4. : ) From watching Fulham the past 4(?) years I must say that two things seem certain when they play Chelsea- a Dempsey header goal and rain.

    Now, someone feel free to fact check that and ruin my inclination towards rain and Dempsey headers vs Chelsea.

  5. Some things Deuce should think about after this one. Deuce started and played a full 90, getting the equalizer that should have been the game winner for a team which thoroughly outplayed Chelsea for stretches of the game. Drogba, a player more accomplished than Dempsey, subbed in late for Chelsea. Did not go the full 90.

    However, he should also consider that Chelsea ARE playing Barca in the Champions League, so there is that. But who would start in that game, Deuce or Drogba?

    Finally, Martin Jol did an excellent job tactically and using subs this game. excellent. I saw the last of the first half and all of the second, and from that I have to say Fulham deserved the win, and Deuce looked more threatening than all of Chelsea’s forwards.

  6. I hope it isn’t an Own Goal, because Dempsey owned the last 25 mins of the game, and overall owns Chelsea. Should be a selling point to Wenger.

  7. seriously there needs to be a film based on Clint’s life? Call it DEUCE and have Soderberg or James Cameron direct it.

  8. Wow thank you for that. I love this stat. I’m putting this on my profile. Ballin’. Stats may not mean much to some. But this is still hella cool.

  9. Dempsey is at 49 EPL goals in 180 appearances (6 years)

    Giggs got his 50th in his 7th year and 235th appearance
    Scholes got his 50th in his 8th year and over 200th appearance
    Gerrard got his 50th in his 10th year and over 250th appearance
    Lampard got his 50th in his 9th year and over 250th appearance


  10. Well a point is probably fair but Still feel hard-done by that weak penalty to Chelsea. Deuce still unstoppable tho. Hell yeah Dempsey.

  11. Yes, in theory. In practice in the NFL, it always takes way longer than it actually should. I’d really like to avoid slowing the flow of the game which is so important – much moreso in soccer than in American sport, imo.

  12. For those not watching, Deuce has been owning the center of the attacking third for Fulham. He’s been orchestrating the attack and playing in all the balls.

  13. Beautiful header by Deuce off a corner kick. Got it around the mid point of the box near the near post and sent it home to the back post with power. Looked to hit off of Cahil’s back on the way in.

  14. Just wow, dude scores big goals. And lots of goals, is that 14 in 15 games?

    I was going to say that Fulham look short of attackers with Johnson and (especially) Ruiz out today, but Fulham suddenly bossing the game.


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