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Morgan focused on preparing for Olympics

AlexMorgan (

As the U.S. Women's National Team moves closer to going for gold at the summer Olympics in England, the growing buzz around the team surrounds budding superstar Alex Morgan, who has carried over her World Cup success last summer with a strong showing for the team in 2012.

Though she's still just 22, Morgan is quickly becoming the face of the national team, both with the attention she's getting off the field, and the goals she keeps scoring on the field.

Here is my Fox Soccer profile on Morgan, who discussed how the World Cup has molded her, and how the Olympics have become the focal point of her year.

Give the story a read and let us know what you think she will do this summer. See her being the star of the U.S. team?

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    sorry but Morgan is NOT better than Abby, in any way shape or form, the reason Morgan is a success AT ALL is because of the attention Abby gets. You cannot start morgan alone in a 4-5-1 because she IS NOT a target forward, she can not slow play up enough for the transitions to happen, she may get a lucky turn here and there but she doesnt even have the touch to do it more than 10% of the time. Her most of the time can by sloppy, and she will lose posession. she ABSOLUTELY needs a partner up top or her productivity will plummet

  2. You need to quit drinking the Haterade. She’s the total package.

    Soccer player + attractive + brains (Cal graduate) = total package.

  3. wait wait wait, so completely changing the teams formation in the recent friendlies to get morgan on the field doesnt qualify? MAKING SURE she has a starting role?

    Who else takes the job? this team was DEAD UNITL PIA SAVED IT.

    There is NOBODY who deserves to take her job

  4. I don’t think Morgan will star until there’s a coaching change. The current coach has a country club/ good old boys mentality similar to Arena and Bradley, friends first ability second.

  5. It’s too bad you think that way. Alex is showing her hard athletic physique in SI. She is not fake and that’s what an Olympian’s body should look like. Nothing wrong with Alex or Hope (ESPN) showing what hard work does to a body. They look great!

  6. I liked her until I saw that she took off all her clothes for SI swimsuit mag. Bad role model for young girls who play soccer and want to be like her. I dont want my daughter to be doing things like that.

  7. If the attendance and excitment of the practie/exhibition game the other night was any indication Seattle and the Sounders may be the perfect place for a new beginning.

  8. Stunning good looks?

    Yes, she’s a pretty young woman but if you quickly flip through the SI swimsuit issue and compare Alex to the actual models, you’ll realize that “stunning good looks” is a serious stretch.

    As for her game – I hope she continues to improve and contribute to the success of the USWNT.

  9. Several years from now when she is more of a leader on the field and she has more experience and goals under her belt will they make her…
    Captain Morgan?


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