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Must-See Goal: Humberto Suazo



  1. Nah, need to see the best in CWC, that would be Suazo. Monterrey wasn’t in good form last year…I mean, RSL (who were in form) nearly got the better of them. If Monterrey stays in form, they should go further this year and not embarrass CONCACAF like they did last year.

  2. Great run, but couldn’t the goalie have done a bit better on that? It was shot right at him, but I guess he didn’t know what to expect and it caught him off guard…

  3. He already went last year, don’t you remember Suazo and Monterey beat RSL in the final?
    2012 needs to be the year of the Herc.

  4. He went right took a hard left then right then left then nailed it. I think Suazo even had open teammates that just stood there in awe.

  5. Dude, Ives, have you resorted to filming your own TV?

    Fatty Suazo. What can you say? His corpulent stature masks a very nimble and nifty little player.


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