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Must-See Goal: Luis Suarez

LuisSuarezHatTrick (Getty)

Luis Suarez broke out in a big way for Liverpool on Saturday, netting a hat-trick in Liverpool's 3-0 win vs. Norwich City. His third goal was the headline maker though, as he scored on a shot from near midfield.

Here are all three of Suarez's goals, including the final, must-see goal:


  1. Wait. First the FA needs to get in touch with Commoli and see what his interpretation is, then they can decide to ban him 10 games.

  2. Dude is pure class. It is unusual for an athlete to be a great role model, but I can truly say I hope my children turn out to be half the person Luis Suarez is.

  3. *If he wasn’t such an idiot, this guy would be so lovable.

    Even Evra said that Suarez is not a rascist. He was just stupid to say something that is completely inappropriate in the place where he said it, even if it’s acceptable in his own culture


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