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New USMNT, USWNT jerseys unveiled

USA 2012:13 jersey


The red-and-white hooped jersey making the rounds months ago is indeed the U.S. men's national team's new home jersey. It is the U.S. women's national team jersey, too.

For the first time, Nike has unified the kits for the United States men's and women's teams, U.S. Soccer revealed on Monday. The 2012/2013 jersey continues the use of a sash, just as the new road uniform for the men's team does.

The U.S. men's team will debut the new jerseys in its friendly against Scotland on May 26 at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Fla. The women's team will wear the new jersey for the first time a day later, when it takes on China in a friendly at PPL Park in Chester, Pa.

The American flag is the jersey's inspiration. Red and white horizontal lines are complimented by a blue collar. A pre-sale for the jerseys will begin on April 17 at The kits will be available for purchase at stores starting May 1.

What do you think of this jersey? Will you be buying one? Liking the idea of unifying the men's and women's team jerseys? Are you a Houston Dynamo fan wondering what to do?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Just so we’re clear, you realize Nike designs jerseys for many, many European club teams (as well as other national teams)? Arsenal/Barca, just to name two off the top of my head without trying very hard?

  2. Yeah, you’re right about those awful bball jerseys, my bad…but I remembered they wore Nike in football and just assumed it was still Nike…strange, I guess they changed between sports seasons.

  3. I dont like them. I like the unified idea for the men & women’s team. However, the women’s 2011 FIFA jersey wasnt “hot” like the 2007/2008 jerseys.

    This jersey would be nicer if it had maybe incorporated stars on the sleeves. I think its time fans give their input and for Nike to listen.

    The jerseys are getting uglier as soccer is becoming more popular in the USA for once.

    Cmon Nike, you’re reaching

  4. If this didn’t have the watermarked sash, I’d buy it. Personally, the sash has always been a non-starter in my purchasing considerations, so I guess I will continue to rock my 2009 Confed Cup/2010 WCQ jerseys.

  5. These are real jerseys! First US jersey I’d be proud to wear and 1st one to be distinctive.

    No offense, but something that is “identifiable” with the country. When I see Argentina / Brazil / Croatia / Peru / Uruguay. Those are amazing kits. Very identifiable. When I see Plain White with / Blue Shorts, that could be anyone, England / Holland / France / Indianapolis Colts / Old NY Giants / Buffalo Bills / old Washington Bullets (1980-90s) … “ANYONE” really. This is first uniform worth writing home about.

  6. The players will be demoralized before they even take the pitch wearing these yankee doodle dandy outfits. Advice to Nike: Just keep it simple stupid.

  7. I think Dallas fans don’t have to buy jerseys they can use their shirts and pass it off as US National Team Jerseys. These are terrible. Nike has gone from bad to worse on the design of the jerseys. Too many changes too quickly, US Soccer needs an identity not all these quick changes. How are we supposed to be taken seriously when our boys will be wearing this???


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