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Nowak to coach MLS All-Stars vs. Chelsea

Nowak (Getty Images)

Peter Nowak had success as an MLS All-Star manager against Chelsea in 2006, and he'll get the opportunity to repeat that feat this summer.

Nowak will coach the MLS All-Stars against Chelsea at PPL Park on July 25, the league announced on Wednesday, marking the second consecutive season that the host city's coach will have the honors of leading the MLS side during the mid-summer classic. Hans Backe had the honor of doing so last year against Manchester United at Red Bull Arena.

While the Union's performance so far this season hasn't exactly meritted All-Star notoriety, it would appear that going forward the MLS All-Star coach will continue to be selected based on logistical convenience.

"It has been intentional," MLS executive vice president of competition Nelson Rodriguez said in a press conference. "What we realized was when we were flying an All-Star coach in from another city, it was difficult for that coach to get acclimated to that city and the All-Stars, and they were leaving their own club. This allows Peter and his staff to maintain a regular training regimen with the Union."

Nowak's counterpart for the 1-0 MLS win in Chicago in 2006 was Jose Mourinho. Chelsea, a team that could be in flux based on how the upcoming weeks play out, is currently guided by Roberto di Matteo, but he is considered to be a temporary caretaker despite Chelsea's results since he took over for the ousted Andre Villas-Boas.


What do you think of this development? Do you have an issue with the host city's coach guiding the MLS All-Stars? Should it be based on records or success instead?

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  1. I don’t mean it would be a crazy thing for Union to do. Quite the contrary. I just mean it would be a crazy situation for MLS after making this official (for some strange reason) in April.

  2. How about we wait and choose from the coaches with the best records by the end of May?

    Wouldn’t that be more representative of an All-Star team?

    I have a feeling that if this were the case, Jason Kreis would be a perennial candidate for All-Star coach as RSL is always among the best team in the league.

  3. People said the same thing about Backe last year, but the all star gig may in fact be job security, and Backe still has a job a year later, right or wrong.

  4. Totally agree. Nowak is the worst manager Philly has ever had. Damn meat head, with no managerial ability to save his life. It’s time for Nowak to go.

  5. I’m not saying it is right but this is Philly. There is a very real chance that the MLS coach will be booed at the all-star game. The league either didn’t think this one through or out-thought themselves. One of the two.

    I definitely think there are better choices. In fact, just the idea of him representing the MLS in front of a microphone to national and international media makes this a horrific choice.

  6. First he will let the gk go. Then he will trade the best attacking option the all stars have for nothing. Then he will put in the some ridiculous formation that prevents the all stars from mounting any kind of attack. And finally, he’ll blame everyone else but himself for the catastrophic loss before explaining that the all star team is a work in progress and we must be patient.

  7. The man is a D-bag. I’d like to see MLS stars lose 7-3 with all three goals scored by Le Toux with assists from Convey.

  8. Nowak is not going to be coaching Philly much longer, I’d be surprised if this is the only reason he coaches Philly past June! He’s a knucklehead, has always been a nightmare for his teams. Just like Arena. He has ruined Philly this year, and I’m sure (unless the players take charge) he will guide the All Stars to an embrassing defeat by mutilple goals! What a joke the MLS decisions are becoming!

  9. I can’t think of any other MLS coach less deserving of this “honor” than Nowak. He has gutted the Union of some of their best players, they look terrible on the field, and fans are now starting to boo Nowak when he is introduced at the beginning of the game.

  10. Will Nowak grace us with an MLS first, All Upside Match? I can see the headlines now:

    “All the future stars of the league, Nowak positive!”

  11. I am definitely voting in Convey and LeToux this year!

    btw You were quoted as the source Ives in the Philly Enquirer announcing MLS ASG at PPL Park (is journalism dead?). After this post, I look forward to seeing another mention in tomorrow’s article about Nowak…

  12. Nowak vs. Deuce. Bet on it. And I think Benitez would be a disaster at Chelsea. Talk about losing a locker room.

  13. Mwahahahaha the jokes practically write themselves.

    They’re tossing around gibberish about “acclimating the coach” — for one all star game, really? — but it may be as simple as Nowak’s MLS side beat Chelsea before, and we’re that desperate for a result we’ve got the xerox machine out.

  14. I’m hoping that both Le Toux and Convey make the squad. Haven’t they both gone on record saying they’d never play for Nowak again?


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