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SBI Live Q&A: April 20th Edition

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It's that time again everybody. Time to talk all things soccer in the latest installment of the SBI Live Q&A.

We haven't had one of these in a while but I'm hoping we can cover a bunch of topics in today's Q&A. Whether it's MLS, the U.S. national team, European soccer or even some pop culture topics, get your questions ready and I will answer as many of them as I can.

Let's get started (SBI Live Q&A is after the jump):



  1. You have obviously never made the commute from queens, or northern/eastern manhattan to RBA. It is not a quick joint as everyone portrays it.

    This is coming from a regular who lived in the UES until moving to the west coast last year. I was on 92nd and 2nd, 5 mins from the 6 train. Given weekend train schedules connections to Path at WTC (or through JC) and the walk to the stadium, it took 1.25 – 1..5 hrs to get to games normally and a few times more than 2 hrs (of course always when I brought friends). Compare this with going to Yankee Stadium, Citifield or the Garden and it is not an enjoyable experience.

    That said, I loved RBA and the team. I would go even if it was more painful (read: meadowlands). My casual fan friends were a different story. It is just not convenient, and when you are competing with a city like NY and all that you can do there, convenience plays a big role with the fans outside of the diehards.

    As for the euro fans, why would you expect them to come out, I don’t go to watch the Galaxy here unless NY is in town, why would they go watch a game in person unless their team is playing?

  2. Spot on my friend, RBA is top notch and if fans would actually realize that the Ironbound section is a treasure trove of restaurants and supporters pubs they’d enjoy the whole futbol experience. They also have shuttles from Penn Station and Broad Street so you can leave the auto at home.

  3. That’s an old pic. When they played last year, the US wore red.

    I had similar thoughts, though, during an SKC home game a couple weeks ago. One team was in light blue, the other in white. Pretty silly to wear similar colors just because one team’s technically “away.”

  4. This is totally unrelated, but does anyone else find it surprising they allowed the white USA jerseys along with the striped white/light blue of the Argentina jersey? I’d have a helluva time picking out my teammates at a glance with that combination.

  5. Any whispers about a DP for the Houston Dynamo? Why doesn’t Houston get the love and attention from AEG that LA gets?

  6. RB Arena is a freaking soccer palace. Absolutely no excuse for not filling it up. New Yorkers are just spoiled soccer snobs. They can put a team in NYC but it will not be heavily supported like SEA, POR, etc. The whole NYC deal seems to be about shaking some foreigner down for a $50 million franchise fee.

  7. I understand most New Yorkers don’t go to Jersey, but then why don’t more people from north New Jersey go to NYRB games?


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