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SBI Reader Poll: Do you love or hate the new U.S. Men’s National Team jersey?



The unveiling of the U.S. Men's National Team home jersey was met with a thorough mix of love and hate. Some fans were excited at the red stripe look, while many fans absolutely despise the new look.

To some, the ode to the American flag is enough to make the new jersey a winner. To others, the fact it looks more like the striped sweater from Where's Waldo makes it a loser.

Which side are you on? Cast your vote after the jump:

Which way did you vote? Do you love the new jersey, or do you hate it?

Share your thoughts below.



  1. USMNT – The Peppermint Kit
    USWNT – A new Black one
    Acad – Needs to rock the old one with sash

    The jersey’s should NOT be the same

  2. I didn’t like it, but eventually it hit me. That should have been our kit the whole time. Not all solid colors. It will look great on actual game day.

  3. If they made it bold on the stripes, that would be hard on the eyes. If they didn’t have it, then the tradition/historical homage that everyone is calling for and that they are trying to provide would be gone.

    Look at other countries’ jerseys. They have muted designs on them, too. Nike’s trying to be creative (fashion forward, if you will…can’t believe I just used that term…)

  4. Now this is what I am talking about. Chain Gang attire. Looks like the National Team is getting on the Gangmember FC bandwagon! USA till I DIE

  5. My problem is that the USMNT Kits have no “IDENTITY” – we’re constantly changing the way it looks rather than sticking with a design and slightly modifying every so other year. England, Spain, Germany, Italy…there is something beautiful about simplicity and it becomes an identity for that nation. I actually like the red 3rd kit we “had” and wished RED is our home kit color like the person who wrote this blog:

  6. I’ve been beating this dead horse at every possible opportunity, but I think the blue away jersey will look good with WHITE shorts.

    If the sleeves are the only white accent, and it’s paired w/ blue shorts, it looks foolish and not much different from the previous away iteration.

  7. If I was an FC Dallas fan, I’d hate it because it is a ripoff. I’m not an FC Dallas fan and I hate it because it is a ripoff!!

    Awful design. Just as bad as those grey ones and the wannabe Yankee pinstripes from years prior.

  8. I wish Nike would ask fans from the US National team supporter groups what they think. It took them decades to provide us with a second Red jersey. They are just seem out of touch with the US Soccer fan base.

  9. 1- I still think if going with stripes and a watermark sash…rather then the watermark sash they just angle the strips so they mimic the sash angle
    2- I like they have a few versions so if you dont get numbers/names you can have the full hoops as a blank patch would look odd
    3- Slightly annoyed the alternate with the white space for the number/name does not have the same white space for the number on the front (maybe that is an error on the US site. I thought the authentic might just be fitted, slightly different material and the vent holes….so if you want vents and fitted you can pay twice as much…but with the number space on the front just wish that also made it to the replica version with the white on the back.
    3- still nervous to buy one with a name/number since we are doing the 1-10…i will assume Dempsey will keep getting the number 8 when he plays…but cant be 100% at this point so its an expensive gamble.
    4- I know people like a constant kit….but…it makes sense in Brazil, etc…people cant afford new ones every few years….while its expensive to buy new ones…perhaps part of our “identity” is that when you look up in the stands everyone in the supports areas might be in a US kit…but there is diversity in the kits just like in America. Sport the one from your first game, be the guy in the denim kit, pick your favorite time period…its America…be the same and different at the same time. Even with the red/blue/red…people just seemed to pick the color they thought they looked best in 😉 i dont think that many people tried to match their kit always to the one on the field…heck some people put on olympic hockey jerseies just because of the colors and big USA across….so I am fine with the different kits. If nothing else with all the people that love/hate a jersey you dont feel the need to get stuck for the next 20 years…if you love it…ware it forever…if you hate it…just pray when the next one comes out in a year or 2 they have a design you do like…if they fail again for you just by one of the older ones on eBay…no one will look at you odd when you walk into the US game with an old kit on…they will just be happy you came to support.


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