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Trophees des Champions to be held at Red Bull Arena in July

Paris Saint Germain (Getty Images)

The annual kickoff to the French soccer season is making its way to the United States, and the current home of one of the most prolific Frenchmans of all time will play host.

The 2012 Trophee des Champions, also known as the French Soccer Cup, will take place this season at Red Bull Arena on July 28. It is the fourth consecutive year the game will be played outside of France, but the first time it will be in a venue where the primary language is not French.

The game inside of the Thierry Henry and the New York Red Bulls' home stadium will see the winner of the French first division take on the French Cup Champion, and is scheduled for a 3pm kickoff. Some of the teams in contention to play in the match are Olympique Lyon, Montpellier, Paris Saint-Germain and third-division side Quevilly.

What do you think of Red Bull Arena hosting the Trophee des Champions? Planning on attending? Rooting for or against Quevilly making it?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Loved when Milan-Juve was here years ago for the Italian Supercup… I think it went to PKs with Juve winning it – pretty sure it was a packed house at Giants Stadium.
    This should be a fun game to watch regardless of who makes it!

  2. I was just coming here to make a joke about Red Bulls and a trophy and all that, but to no surprise several people beat me to it. Still, I can’t resist.

    Trophees des Champions at Red Bull Arena? Wow, what irony.

  3. The match will air in the U.S. on Universal Sports Network.

    The real question should be: why is Comcast involved with marketing the TV rights and advertising signage to a pre-season match promoted by Ligue 1, a league that is being bankrolled by the Emir of Qatar?

    Does Comcast have an ulterior motive for “buddying up
    with the Emir of Qatar all of a sudden?

    If so, what is that ulterior motive?

    “Stealing” the next six clasicos in La Liga for Telemundo?

    “Stealing” the BIG EAST Conference Tier 1 football and basketball games?

    “Stealing” big EPL matches for NBC Sports Network and NBC?

  4. The Emirates Cup was a nice accomplishment, but Yellow Submarine meant a real meaningful trophy. The Emirates Cup is a two day pre-season tournament (at least for the European teams), i.e., a glorified friendly scrimmagefest.

  5. The 1st one played outside of France was in Montreal almost 3 years ago. Last year was in Casablanca-I think. Trophée des champions is a way for French League to promote the league in other markets. New York / New Jersey makes perfect sense for this match.

  6. If Quevilly actually beats Lyon in the Coupe de France, they would not be able to play in the “Trophée des champions” (Super Cup). The opponent would most likely be Marseille-also a guess on my end (they won Coupe de la Ligue) and if PSG wins the league then you’d have the Classique for this year’s Super Cup at the Red Bull. Way things go in French Footy I stress the IF part, Montpellier should win it but this being French Football they’ll slip up as well as PSG again and things will be decided the last game or two of the season. Ligue 1 is crazy stressful if your team got a chance to win something or a chance to be relegated.

    Quevilly can’t play in it because of a rule stating that both teams must be professional clubs. They’re technically an amateur club.

    Last year’s Trophée des Champions featured PSG and OM. So this would be kool to see at the RedBull this fall/

  7. I’m surprised they aren’t playing up in Montreal. New team that could use exposure, whole region ready to secede, seems like a match made in heaven for the french.

  8. I would rather see a good French team play an MLS team but I can’t imagine there is enough interest in a French Cup game even in NYC.

  9. Well, at least Redbull fans (the few that actually attend matches) will see a trophy raised by a football club in their stadium.

  10. If they want people to show, they better hope PSG wins the league and then spends half a billion on big names.

    Maybe they’ll try and sign Henry to a 1-day contract.


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