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USA defeats Mexico in Legends Game

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Familiar faces. Familiar result.

An older generation of U.S. men's national team players defeated Mexican rivals of years past, 2-0, in the Legends Game played at the Home Depot Center on Sunday night. Roy Lassiter and Brian McBride scored in the 70-minute match and goalkeeper Ian Feuer came up with several saves to give the Americans their latest dos-a-cero victory.

It was a game that not only brought together old heroes and villains, but one that played out similarly to when these players were in their heyday. Mexico had several chances in the first half, but Feuer denied them time and again.

That opened the door for Lassiter bury the opener in the 50th minute off an assist from John O'Brien. McBride then put the game away for the United States in the 61st with a superb strike from just outside the 18-yard box following a pass from Eric Wynalda.

Some of the other players who partook in the match were Alexi Lalas, Cobi Jones, Paul Caligiuri, Jorge Campos, Jared Borghetti and Francisco Palencia.

What do you think of the United States' latest dos a cero win? Wishing it had been aired on TV?

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  1. Huh?? The 2002 World Cup would like a word with you…
    Also how do you think the US got to the 2009 Confederations Cup?
    The US beats Mexico quite often in the US, the problem is in Estadio Azteca…

  2. That’s because the last time I went to a US v. Mexico game, if you tried to cheer for the US you probably got a beer bath from the Mexican fans. For US v. Mexico game they really should seperate the fans, then I might go if I could be surrounded by US fans.

  3. Are these anglo americans supporting other countries? I don’t see a whole lot of evidence of that. I think that is the distinction.

  4. This seemed to have been a one-off event to help raise funds for a hispanic college scolarship program, so I doubt it’ll be done again. There were 10,000 people in the stands, and at best maybe 70 US fans, 25 of which were American Outlaws trying their best to keep their voices heard over the continual playing of Bug Light commercials. It seemed like every time AO started to get loud and the US players began to pressure, they’d drown us out with the “Me-ji-co, ya se armó” commercial.

    Still, it was a fun match, during warmups before the second half we got Alexi Lalas to wave at AO, and then he started to show off, blowing kisses at the Mexican supporters. As expected, a rain of boos and whistles came down!

    Ian Feuer played out of his damn mind goalkeeping last night against a far more in-shape Mexican side, and while it will never happen, his performance last night should earn him at least one last US national team match against a minnow.

    All the goals came in the second half, so from my vantage point in section 127 with the American Outlaws I wasn’t able to see much of anything in regards to the buildup.

    As the minutes ticked away, we all started getting very nervous, because it was less than a year ago that we watched some other US team blow a 2-0 lead to Mexico in Los Angeles. Thankfully, after one last crazy stonewalling from Ian Feuer, the whistle blew and it was all over. The US players hoisted some sort of Bud Light-sponsored trophy, and a good time was had by all.

    Alas, the only player who came over to acknowledge us after the game was Eric Wynalda, and his adorable son, who was having a great time kicking the ball around. As a quick aside, I am relatively certain his boy got booed by the Mexico fans during halftime, because he kicked a ball into the goal while toddling around the field.

    Anyway, we were grateful to have briefly met Wynalda, but were all a little sad that no one else came by. I’d only ever seen them play via a TV screen, and I wanted to have a nice little celebration and cheer with them and my fellow supporters.

    Here’s an article written by a fellow AO member who was at the game:

  5. I guess it’s true what people say…US only seems to have a good record when playing friendlies. Why couldn’t they do this in the actual tournaments?

  6. I think its this type of insecurity that keeps Mexicans away from cheering for the US.

    There’s a lot of Americans that keep other Americans like those away from USMNT, especially those of Mexican decent.

    My biggest gripe is, where the hell are all the Anglo-Americans? Why do I always hear people complain about how Americans of Mexican decent do not cheer for the US, but they never complain on how Anglo-Americans never show up to support their county.

  7. Goals on Sunday, the highlight show on Sunday afternoons on FSC, said they will show highlights of this match next Sunday.

    Interestingly enough, Wynalda also called his own shot saying he would assist on a goal by McBride, which is exactly what happened.

    Not exactly thrilled that Wynalda gets something right, but there you go.

  8. i love google translate (from the linked article):

    “In the first 20 minutes, USA made four substitutions air to give players like Clint Mathis, who already shows a great belly.”

    hahahahahaha “great belly”. awesome.

  9. Anybody listen to Men In Blazers? I got the impression that Michael Davies hasn’t taken steps to become a US Citizen partially because he still feels a connection to England and would cheer for them over the USA. This is an interesting sentiment, if I understood correctly.

  10. mexicans always have an “over pride” issue when it comes to their culture because nobody gives a #$%^ about them. Ever notice how they always wear jersey’s and hats of their favorite “NFL, MLB” teams because that lets everybody know where they’re are from !!!!

    They really dont fit in American culture because WE are trying to make the world better and they are here to $%^& it up. Technology will soon replace them…….

  11. I think, as an AZ resident, that most people that are either from Mexico originally or sympathize with Mexico are willing to see the US do well in tournaments…..except when they play Mexico. Then all bets are off. And since USA-Mexico games are when most US fans have the majority of their interactions with Mexico fans, the idea starts that Mexico fans oppose the US in all scenarios. I’m sure there really are some that hate the US, but I suspect it’s not a majority.

    I really do believe that most Mexico fans don’t wish ill to the USMNT, but I’m only just judging from what I’ve observed personally. Maybe there’s more to it I haven’t observed.

    I think it is a matter of a few generations of first coming to the US before they become US fans. But I could be proven wrong. I certainly wish more of them would become US fans.

  12. As much as I love to hate Mexico, I wonder if our construction of the rivalry as either-or is what contributes to so many Mexican-Americans rooting for Mexico, not the US. I by no means advocate the ‘them immigrants take our social services and then root for Mexico? Deport them!’ line of thought, rather I hope for their own reasons latino-americans WANT to root for the US, if not instead of then in addition to Mexico. Guys like Herc, Torres, etc. can’t possibly hate Mexico, right? Are we doing ourselves a disservice, or are there so many other reasons they root for Mexico it’s a drop in the bucket?

  13. I was at the match and it was a lot of fun and brought back many good memories. Wynalda, Cobi, and Mathis definitely looked to be WELL fed. The play of the game was what you would expect from an old fart friendly but there were some class moments. Our goalie (I’d never heard of) was awesome and Mcbride and dare I say JOB looked like they could still be playing for sure. The crowd was overwhelming with mexico supporters. So much that they resulted in fighting each other for the lack of US fans to beat on. Overall a good night and an exhibition that I’d like to see yearly.

  14. Firstly, I love that our Old Nats beat Mexico! However, how could this game NOT be televised on any station?!?! English commentators or not, I don’t care…I’d watch this with Andreas Cantor yelling “GOOOOOOOOOAL” all damn day!

    Suggestion, maybe take a page out of MLB’s book and introduce an Old Timers Game as part of the All-Star weekend festivities. Or at least when they decide to do this type of thing, FRIGGIN TELEVISE IT!!!!!

  15. absolutely would have watched that game. If for nothing else than to see what kind of shape Cletus and Johnny O were in.

  16. hope this is a reoccurring game maybe every 2 years or so.. my question is I was watching FSC all morning with Brian McBride on the review show. I guess they record those in LA? and wasn’t Lalas on ESPN in CT?

  17. Cap ’em now … wait, 1990 has come and gone. Must’ve been quite enjoyable to watch. These games need to be streamed or televised somehow, or at least better publicized.

  18. Well thats three wins over Mexico in the past month and half. The U-23’s beat Mexico, the U-17’s beat Mexico at the Mondial Minimes Tournament, and now the Legends beat Mexico. All that is missing is a USMNT victory. Which can happen if the Friendly in August against Mexico is still on.

  19. My favorite quote from the article Ives linked to (this is the Google Translate version):

    “In the first 20 minutes, USA made ​​four substitutions air to give players like Clint Mathis, who already shows a great belly.”

  20. Classic! I’ve got a lot of fantastic memories of watching guys on both teams. I’d like to see highlights, but am just as curious to see what Jorge Campos was wearing. Loved that guy as a kid!

  21. Highlights?? Nothing is better in this world than beating Mexico. This is starting to become a pattern, ha. World Cup, Ledgends, or my indoor game this weekend. USA!! USA!!


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