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Wade, Turner help U.S. U-17s to tournament victory over UAE

U.S. Soccer Federation

The U.S. Under-17 national team opened the Richie Williams era with a victory, topping the United Arab Emirates 4-0 in their opening match of the Mondial Minimes tournament on Tuesday, Williams' first game since taking over for Wilmer Cabrera as U-17 coach.

Nike International Friendlies standouts Tyler Turner and Wesley Wade scored for the United States, and Ahinga Selemani and Chivas USA academy product Bradford Jamieson also provided goals in the rout. The U.S. U-17s will play Portugal on Thursday to determine whether they will move out of group play. If they do, they're guaranteed two more games in the tournament.

In addition to the United States, UAE and Portugal, the tournament field is comprised of teams from France, Cameroon, Mexico, England, Morocco, Japan, Russia, Ivory Coast and China.

The U.S. U-17 roster for the tournament is after the jump:


GOALKEEPERS: Paul Christensen (Seattle Sounders Academy; Woodinville, Wash.), Evan Louro (New York Red Bulls Academy; South River, N.J.) 

DEFENDERS: Adonis Amaya (Chivas USA Academy; Westminster, Calif.), Elijah Martin (Cal Odyssey; Fresno, Calif.), Shaquell Moore (Cobb FC; Powder Springs, Ga.), Kevin Politz (New York Red Bulls Academy; Morganville, N.J.), Tommy Redding (FC America Premier; Oviedo, Fla.), John Requejo Jr. (Real So Cal; Carpinteria, Calif.), Tyler Turner (South Central Premier; West Haven, Conn.)

MIDFIELDERS: Corey Baird (San Diego Surf; Escondido, Calif.), Junior Flores (McLean Youth Soccer; Manassas Park, Va.), Angel Heredia (San Jose Earthquakes Academy; San Jose, Calif.), Cameron Lindley (Indiana United; Carmel, Ind.), Rubio Rubin (Westside Metros; Beaverton, Ore.) 

FORWARDS: Bradford Jamieson (Chivas USA Academy; Los Angeles, Calif.), DeAndre Robinson (Concorde Fire; Atlanta, Ga.), Ahinga Selemani (CSA Wolves; Ann Arbor, Mich.), Wesley Wade (New York Red Bulls Academy; South Orange, N.J.)


  1. The UAE’s population is about six times Delaware’s. (Not that it changes the fact that it’s absolutely dwarfed by ours, of course…)

  2. Mexico did not have their best U23s out there.

    Carlos Vela
    Giovani dos Santos
    Jonathan dos Santos
    Ulises Davila
    Edson Rivera
    Taufic Guarch

    These guys were all missing and there were more players from the domestic league that got left out for one reason or another.

    All Porter talked about was having “great depth” with this team and I guess it wasn’t true. I’m seeing a pattern with US teams….if you take one player out of the lineup the whole team collapses.

    That’s dangerous stuff.

  3. I agree with you. especially on the overhaul of the entire US system but it will take time to do that, But Klismann need to start playing more friendly with newcomers so they can start getting to usnmt senior level or else this U23 it will be a really waste of talent. Another problem was that even tho Porter had few months to get this Olympic Team ready there was some problems from the begining and one of that was Not enough friendlies with a basic team that supposed to play the qualifying but with real National teams not just MLS/USL teams or from other league, like Mexico did remember Mexican team most of them play in Copa America and Panamericanos. 2) Porter

  4. Agree with ABC… it’s important to be optimistic about the future, but it’s also important to face up to your current problems to create a better future. Personally, I’m still crushed by the epic collapse of “the best Olympic qualifying team we’ve ever fielded.” The reality is we could not defeat two international minnows own our own soil when we had to to qualify for one of the most important internanational tournaments in the world. The uncomforatable fact is that we are still lacking in player identification, skill development, coaching, game strategy/management and mental toughness. Jurgen Klinsmann sees this and that is why he is engineering a total overhaul of the entire US system. Unfortunately, this will take more time than any of us want–but it has to be done.

  5. The past? No one is upset that we didn’t make the 1986 World Cup. The “past” in this case is a couple weeks ago.

  6. well it will take sometime to find replacement for Ugochi and Bocanegra but we all thinking that a while back about out left back and here out the blues we got, Castillo,Johnson, Chandler and Lichaj playing left back even tho Chandler play right back as lichaj does in Aston Villa. but they are versatile and can played both position so we will find some player in the near future to play Center back for us and replace those veteran

  7. Yeah this U-17 squad is very talented. They already have won one tournament the Nike tournament. Taken third in a Spanish tournament, and have beaten teams like, Brasil, a Spanish squad, Russia, Turkey, tied a very talented French squad. As long as they keep their heads level this could be one of the more promising U-17 squads we have had since the Landon Donovan led squad in 1999.

  8. Not worried about the CB position at all. Gonzo- yes injured would have missed out on the Qualifying tournament by mere months. Ream is 24 and playing regularly in the EPL. Chris Schuler is turning into a very good CB at RSL. Cameron while not young but not old either he is only 26. George John 24, Zak Whitbread- 27 plays regularly in the EPL. Add in some of the U-20’s very good prospects at CB i.e. Will Packwood, Sean Cunningham( who is now playing CB), Anthony Brooks, Wlaker Zimmerman, and Boyd Okwuonu I think the CB position is a lot more solid than people think.

  9. People people lets start forgetting about the past and lets focus to the future, I think we have pretty good players coming up from the previous U23, U20 and u17 now we have kids taking over the new U23 and so for. But that will help to start a new foundation from all this player to go to the senior. Just right now I think JK need to get a real team under 25 and play few more friendlies so this player can start getting into the Senior National Team. Just imagine a team with player such, Adu, Bradley,Holden, Altidore, Boyd, Chandler, William, Johnson, Gatt, Gyau, Morales, Corona, Diskerud, Boss, Gonzales, John (Dallas)and there are many more player duel Nationality but not just German but Irish, French, and so for. But remember we can dream and hope very high but once again everthing it takes time look how far the USA has come in a short time period but establishing a new system of play and implementing in all ages categories that is how will become a very strong nation in the Soccer(football). But is baby step that’s all it is. LOOK Mexico had a bad transition but slowly they are getting back to be the better team in the Concacaf even tho I don’t like it and upset me. Klismann need to start doing what he promised and bring need player with good technical skill, knowledge how to play the game, Vision, speed, and creativity. But I think we have a great future ahead of us. VIVA LA USA.

  10. I have a feeling that we will never find a blue chip defender that is dominant at age 22 or 23 like Subotic or Hangeland could have been for us. I see US as always have older, gritty and grizzled vets manning the center of defense. Once Boca, Goodson and Gooch hang it up, I see Ream sliding into the LCB spot (and by then he will be a veteran in his late 20’s) and someone like Omar Gonzalez or George John siding into the RCB spot. By the time those guys get around to inheriting the RCB spot, they too will be late 20’s and considered veterans.

    I just find it real hard to believe we will find a young Pique or Vidic or Chiellini in our talent pool. Those guys come around once every blue moon, and our one chance at that caliber player with this generation was Subotic. And Rongen let him slip through our fingers.

  11. I agree with what you are saying to an extent, but I find it troublesome that none of the promising U23 prospects that you mention are central defenders (besides maybe Danny Williams and/ or Perry Kitchen). Unless we can get some really promising central defenders, it may not matter that we have some offensively gifted players in the pipeline. At this rate, Gooch and Bocanegra will be playing for us until they are 40.

  12. Well they are all back with their club teams now getting vital playing time. The harsh reality is that most of the guys from the qualifying team will never where the USA jersey again and the bright side of this sucky situation is that the guys who will wear the jersey over and over again, where by and large not present at that tournament, leading to our failure. The few members of the team that will pop up again with the senior team I think had enough chance in those 3 games to make a name for themselves and now need to continue playing way at a club level.

    I would have loved the extra games too, but they would just be gravy if these kids aren’t doing well at a club level too.

  13. Excuse my bitter comment but I actually agree with what you’re saying. I just wish there were more games coming up, that way i could see these young guys feature for the USMNT.

  14. Disagree. It sucks that we didn’t make the Olympics – trust me, I took it really hard, but once you get over the shock that we didn’t make it, lets be honest – that qualifying squad was not our U-23 squad. Save for Carlos Vela (who is seemingly is unofficially banned from Mexico national teams) and Dos Santos, Mexico had all their best U-23’s, mostly because they play domestically and were released. Our best players in the U-23 category play abroad and weren’t released, and while there is no excuse to at least make the semis, it can’t be argued that had we had our full team, things would have looked different.

    Guys like Sarkodie, Valentin, Okugo, Stephens, and Bunbury were going to find it extremely tough to make the Olympic team, never mind considering them future consistent senior national teamers. Replace those names with Chandler, Gatt, Morales, Danny Williams and Altidore, and I think we can all agree that qualifying would have gone differently.

    Hell, lets consider Ponce, Fabian and Pulido played in Europe and weren’t released – would Mexico have done as well as they have?

    Takeaways from our disaster: I do think Perry Kitchen is going to be a beast (not at CB, but at CDM), and Boyd, Adu, Diskerud and Corona all made names for themselves along with Shea and Agudelo being mainstays.

    /long winded reply

  15. Future is still bright they just couldn’t clear the damn ball and defend in front of it for another 10-20 seconds…..

    Think about the fact that the team who tied El Salvador was missing Agudelo but also could have had Daniel Williams, Tim Chandler, Alfredo Morales, Josh Gatt….
    Plus a few players who aren’t 23 but are either a couple of days ( CJ Sapong, weeks (Fabian Johnson) and months (Michael Bradley, Omar Gonzalez, Eric Lichaj) from being in that 23 and under category….

    We have some players that will move on to the full Senior team with Dempsey, Howard, Bradley and Donovan, the Olympics were just a great way to get some of those young players some playing time at a competitive level

  16. We were all saying the same thing a month ago about the u-23s. Now the future seem’s a little dark. Hope you’re right!

  17. This group looked awesome at the Nike Int’l Friendlies. Let’s hope for some more good results against the other teams on that list.

    Future’s bright.

  18. a victory over a country the size of delaware is just what the doctor ordered to help us forget about the olympics qualifying fiasco!


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