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Who do you want to be the MLS All-Star Game opponent?

MLSASG (Getty Images)

One of the uncertainties of the MLS season should be cleared up on Wednesday.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, MLS will announce the opponent for the 2012 MLS All-Star Game at a press conference tomorrow. The MLS All-Stars have taken on a club from the United Kingdom in each of the last seven seasons, with Manchester United being the opponent the last two years. That trend could continue this year, as there has been plenty of speculation that Chelsea, the MLS opponent in 2006, is potentially going to be this year's foe at PPL Park on July 25.

Chelsea, which will play the Seattle Sounders at CenturyLink Field on July 18, is among the European clubs that have already announced plans for summer friendlies in the United States. Others include Tottenham, AC Milan, Liverpool, Roma and Aston Villa. Liverpool and Roma, though, would not be viable options to be the All-Star opponent considering they are playing in Boston on the same day as the All-Star Game.

Who do you want to be the opponent for the MLS All-Stars? Would you be pleased with a MLS-Chelsea rematch?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Really, so forget all the Latinos that watch the Spanish league. Plus a Spanish side would show more skill and better play than a long ball English team.

  2. First, I’m opposed to the idea of the All Star game. It’s embarrassing having a non-team with no chemistry lose bad and it makes the league look horrible. I don’t mind EAST vs WEST or MLS vs USMNT or Canada.

    But since Garber cares about money, we won’t stop seeing a MLS All Star game like we have been seeing. But I too am sick of seeing English Clubs play every year. I think it’s the fact that MLS is targeting the English speaking market in English speaking nations.

  3. You do realize that the FMF All stars could choose to go with a variety of recent Mexican National team rosters that have been made up of non-foreign players. Even the U-23 team that represented Mexico was made up of nothing but Mexican league players. Therefore if you are talking about keeping things fair by having two non-“teams” play each other, the FMF all stars could easily field a team with chemistry.

    I like EAST vs WEST or USMNT vs MLS. Otherwise have an actual club play against Chelsea.

  4. This might make it more fair. Fact is MLS All Stars is not a team. ANy team with chemistry would beat MLS All Stars. Let’s just say that LA or Seattle could beat the MLS ALl Stars.

    Now as far as avoiding being embarassed, the Mexican Primera could easily just send out their Mexican U-23 team and have them represent the league since it is a team of players that is completely made up of its league. So it still might not be fair.

  5. You do realise that the Manchester Uniteds adn Real Madrids and Barcelonas and Chelseas of teh world are basically All-star teams. They have the best players playing for them. I don’t understand how people don’t realise this.

  6. nothing says second class like a game of the leagues best players vs. a regular league team from a good league.

    That type of game is pure marketing. Unfortunately, for european fans it would only prove to them we are a second class “retirement” league.

    East vs. West!

    Let the MLS fans enjoy their own league and get to see some good players play each other. Some of the story lines might even add to some in-league drama.

  7. Apparently MLS blows so bad it can only come up with one team of “all-stars”.

    BS! MLS All-stars = East vs. West

    Some of us actually like the league and want to see its best players play each other.

  8. East vs West

    Come on! That’s the only way we become legitimate as a league. If we keep stacking MLS talent vs ONE club then that doesn’t prove squat! We don’t need a Euro club in order to fill the stadium.

    West vs East

  9. Nobody, it’s pretty stupid. Give the players some extra cash because that’s always good but this exhibition is sort of silly at this point.



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