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Behind the Crest: A closer look at USMNT training camp ahead of five-game stretch



  1. I argued before about the lack of coverage of the USMNT. Before I had to go to Univision or Fox en Espanol for in depth video coverage of the USMNT. Now in the past year or so we are having legit coverage by our own peeps. Good job!

  2. What don’t you understand about the fact that Guatamala and Honduras choose to hold the rights to TV coverage “hostage” in their own countries? Do you suggest we give in to such greedily exhorbitant overpriced “rights” to this coverage? They are only really hurting themselves by not exposing their own NAT teams, but it is their right I suppose. There are plenty of streams that will show the match on line.

  3. What does Cherundolo say to crack everybody up after Klinsmann asks him “Stevey, what’s our plan for the afternoon?”.

  4. cool story bro. you are absolutely cool.

    i mentioned it because i was not expecting to hear dub step on the intro video for the USMNT. the “awesome” had more to do with it being funny the producers went with dub step and less to do with the song actually being awesome.

  5. Yes, and those are massive companies who report to shareholders. You can’t just buy something knowing you won’t make a profit just because. Obviously they would be ok and I wish they would just do it. Fox is massive too. But if it is going to be $20 PER PERSON to get it on PPV, you can start to do the math and see how much Guatemala wanted for the TV rights. They have enough funds to show every other game because they purchases the rights from USSF. And I guarantee USSF is probably not charging that much because it’s in their best interest to have those games on TV.

    For the Euros, it’s unfortunately, not comparable because that’ll make a lot more money from advertisers than a qualifier against Guatemala would make. But that says more about soccer in this country than about the networks.

    I agree that it would be nice if Disney, NBC, or Fox disclosed what Guatemala was asking for. I think they should so we can all see. And maybe they will. I agree it seems weird that Traffic can afford it and the others can’t, but I think Traffic realizes that if they buy the rights and charge as much as they are for PPV, they’ll make their money back. Networks don’t have that “luxury”. It would not make sense for Fox/NBC/Disney to match Traffic’s bid and then show it on PPV so they make their money back (although at least we would get HD…). Instead, they all decided the price was way too high and Traffic was able to get the rights and sell the rights via PPV.

    It’s a completely messed up situation, but take a step back and realize this is probably related to Guatemala being ridiculous in their asking price and the networks realizing they would have to charge per view to break even and charge $20 per view to make a profit. It sucks for sure. But even though I love blaming ESPN for this type of thing, I think they are probably not the ones at fault this time around.


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