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Clint Dempsey nails free kick for his 50th career Premier League goal

ClintDempsey (GettyImages)

Clint Dempsey's dream season with Fulham continued today as he notched his 17th goal of the Premier League season and 23rd in all competitions with an outstanding free kick.

The goal also marked the 50th Premier League goal in Dempsey's career, extending the American record he already held.

Here is Dempsey's goal:


  1. Being an Arsenal Fan, I would love to see him in a gunner’s uniform. But with Podolski coming in, where does that put him for playing time? Does he fill the “void” that Nasri left as a possession type dribbler over on the left side? I just worry about his PT here.

  2. Gomez? Hercules Gomez? Does he count as Californian? Isn’t he from Las Vegas, NV?

    If he does count–We’ll take him!

  3. Yeah, I’m not entirely sure what ld is talking about. Lampard is one of the Chelsea all-time greats. And I hate Lampard and Chelsea.

  4. I hope he stays at Fulham. I like knowing that everytime Fulham plays a match Dempsey will be a key component. He would just be another cog at a huge club like a City or Arsenal. I always thought he’d do great at Liverpool, but they’re not a perennial top 4 club anymore.

    If he does move, I want him to move to another league. Either Germany, France, or Italy.

  5. When are they going to do the texas vs california game!?! That would be so entertaining. Maybe also florida vs nj…

  6. Dude worst argument ever, most people do think lampard is amazing, or if you dont like that word, “world class” for sure. If you said an american midfielder has an epl strike rate similar to lampard you are complimenting him not dissing him. That suggests hes world class.

    Also i dont think people hate chelsea as much as they used to, particularly in england, wher man u and liverpool are perhaps disliked just as much, especially with the emergence of man city.

  7. “Ye” are very naive. Just take a look at the countless high quality players who wallow on big name club benches or at the very least split time. For Clint, “splitting time” would be just as bad as being benched. Many Americans jump to other “better” clubs (many that can’t be considered even a “Big club”) only to sit and not improve their game.
    I MIGHT agree with you, if Fulahm were trendng down, but they are on the rise with good coach and higher quality players than the have had in the past who complimetn Dempsey well.
    If Clint receives a great offer from a Champions League club ON the continent, who look to play him immediaely and can give him alot of minutes, he should Go. But if not, Fulham will give him a raise upon re-signing and will likely make Europa next year. Changing clubs is more often than not, a bad move from what I have witnessed.
    Clint’s “rise” in recent years only came after he began seeing consistent minutes.


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