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Davis wondergoal helps Dynamo open BBVA Compass Stadium with a victory

BradDavisGoal (Getty)

The Houston Dynamo's dream of a soccer stadium became a reality on Saturday, then Brad Davis provided the perfect capper to a historic day.

The Dynamo's brand new BBVA Compass Stadium opened on Saturday and Davis christened Major League Soccer's newest stadium with a beautiful goal to help Houston defeat D.C. United, 1-0.

The $95 million stadium was the story heading into the weekend, but D.C. United reminded the Dynamo they had a game to play, and the visitors gave Houston a real test, with the match remaining scoreless into the second half. Davis provided the difference when he sent a long-range left-footed strike past Bill Hamid to make it 1-0.

The Dynamo came close to adding an insurance goal on several occasions, but Brian Ching missed some clear-cut chances that would have provided the ultimate cap to an unforgettable day for Dynamo fans.

Here are the match highlights:


What did you think of Saturday's match? Impressed with BBVA Compass Stadium? Think the Dynamo are capable of overtaking Sporting KC for first place in the East?

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  1. I think a lot of people were moving around, perhaps to check out the stadium or in and out of the Budweiser terrace. It seemed like people were especially moving around on the end directly in the sun, seeking shade I’m sure.

    On Hamid, I think a lot of guys would have got a hand on it like he did but not be able to keep it out. What I thought was surprising was how poor Hamid was on his goal kicks and distribution.

    For what its worth (which isn’t much), I like that some teams have narrower fields and others are wider. It adds to the strategy, analysis, and drama. I think those that wish everyone had a wider field probably support teams who are built for wider fields.

  2. At the MLS level, a narrower field is going to promote more route 1 play. In my opinion I would also prefer wider fields to allow slightly more time and space on the ball.

    Hamid is young. I haven’t seen too much of his play, but for a goalie with aspirations at the next level, I think he should have made that save.

    Why were there so many open seats at the stadium? The stadium looked only about 80% full.. but listed as a sell out.

  3. Your finessing of the stats hints at your bias. If I buy MLS’ stats, it was “20 shots,” period — feels exaggerated but whatever — not 20 shots on goal. Per MLS 5 went on net, 5 blocked, 10 wide. 5 shots on net, we scored 1 very inspired effort. Bearing in mind a header right at the keeper off a corner = a “shot,” that feels more like what I saw. That feels more like a season where we have 8 goals in 8 games, and where we win only if it stays 1-0. I know you want to paint me as a Dynamo hater but I am a loyal fan who simply believes we won’t add to 2 titles that are 5 years old now by setting up a team who only seems to win pitching 1-0 shutouts. It doesn’t work for week after week in the playoffs, and it was not the way the cup winning teams were structured…..

    You seem to confuse a low percentage perimeter/ crossing offense that relies upon dead balls and lucky shots like Davis and Moffat hit, with the more potent offense we used to have back in the DeRo and Holden days. Perhaps you forget we won the original home opener 5-2, not 1-0 in a squeaker. Perhaps you don’t want to talk about how this DC allowed 5 goals to SJ just days earlier, was playing short handed on defense, and lost Kitchen on top of that. We should have drubbed them. A win is all well and good but we were way too cautious and some of that is surely because we don’t have a DeRo to drive the attack like old.

    Camargo is a defensive midfielder we are playing as an attacker, who has generally been out of shape so far this season, for whatever reason. If you’ve played midfield you know that lack of fitness in the midfield will leave you standing around and useless whether it’s coed, men’s, college, or pro. If he looks un-confident it’s probably because he’s too scared to go forward for fear of a counter he won’t be able to catch with his fitness level.

    If you even read my first post you’d see where I acknowledged and lauded the Dynamo use of possession to kill the game late, as opposed to the usual approach of bunkering, which I feel is vulnerable to the limits of defense and fitness, and tactically one-dimensional in that you are giving up offense to try and win by defense alone.

    They had a two-week plus break mid road trip — which didn’t help — and it’s not like they stayed on the road like a baseball team. I was more impressed with looking more fit despite a midweek game but then we sat a lot of people. Portland will be a sterner test of what we have because we won’t be going into that game with half the team rested.

    I’m sure the Dynamo will creep up the standings a little back at home but the question is, is this enough to win it all? Surely if you take a step back you see where this team needs some upgrades if that is the goal…..

  4. How do you know the field size? I looked on the website and cannot find where it is officially listed.

    Anyway, narrow fields force action. I prefer narrower.

  5. The fields in Portland and Houston are both within FIFA regulations of course and are not “little league.” Teams are not obligated to play with as wide a field as they possibly can and they are not obligated to appease your opinion of how the game should be played. You have a right to play to your strengths and personally, I love the variety of playing styles that we have in MLS (unlike some sterile leagues). Why would we want everyone doing the same thing on the exact same size pitch?

  6. Every time I see you post stuff regarding a Houston Dynamo game I’m confused because I feel your comments are way off base. How can you say that struggled to create chances? They had over 20 shots on goal, almost 10 corner kicks, practically 15 open crosses in the run of play, a majority of the possession, and higher passes completed.

    At least say, they failed to finish or take advantage of the huge amount of chances they created.

    Also, if you’re going to say things like, “all season” please keep in mind that this was only like their 8th game. There’s still plenty of games left in the season. There’s still more than 2/3rds of the season left.

    Lastly, I’ll agree that even though Watson had an ok game, minus the shot he missed on an open net, but he definitely is not the answer. Luiz Camargo is an excellent player but something happened to his confidence. That car accident, the birth of his baby, and his living in Houston must be too much for him to handle at his young age?

    I’m sure the guys were tired from their 7 game road trip and will get no rest because they have 4 games within 11 days right now but when it’s all said and done I’m sure Houston will be near the top of the Eastern Conference table.

  7. Next step will be widening the field. These little league dimensions Portland and Houston have chosen, just don’t cut it when there’s room for wider playing surface.

  8. Davis had a heckuva goal but let’s be real about it, we struggled to create chances all day and that’s been a theme all season, has to do with pretending Watson and Camargo are decent CMs, lack of a right sided threat. I’d like to see Kandji given a chance to play right…..we started Carr there!?! But even if we makeshifted right wing there is still not enough playmaking, Davis aside. I hope Kinnear realizes last fall was lightning in a bottle, and makes some summer moves. I don’t like our title chances if he tries standing pat, particularly if Cameron is in fact a transfer target.

    One thing I did like is we played keepaway in the midfield to close out the game instead of the QPR-like bunkering we often indulge in.

  9. I believe that it was $15m for the dirt and $80m for the construction. I think the city gave the land (swaped it for something else they owned). Then the city and county split $20m of infrastructure work that will be paid through a TIRZ.

  10. Really wish I could have been at yesterdays game, but i’ll be there tuesday night for the Timbers Game. Either way, quite the strike from Davis and a solid performance by the defense.

  11. I was encouraged by the on field product yesterday. The Dynamo have an uphill battle, especially with SKC, NY, DC and Chicago really performing this year.

    Still, defense was impeccable yesterday (aside from the late header allowed on goal). Finishing definitely needs some work, as does passing in the final third.

    Some of the team’s weaker links (Je-Vaughn Watson, in particular) were very sharp yesterday.

    Overall, I’m optimistic. Big hill to climb, though.


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