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Dynamo avoid defeat to Revolution on late goal from Camargo

Luiz Camargo (Getty Images)

Luiz Camargo scored his first career MLS goal for the Houston Dynamo and Saturday, and it could not have come at a better time.

Camargo buried an 87th-minute equalizer off a left-footed volley to give the Dynamo a 2-2 draw with the New England Revolution at Gillette Stadium. The near-post finish negated Saer Sene's second goal of the game, and left the Revolution with their latest bit of heartbreak this season.

Sene opened the scoring in the Eastern Conference bout with his fifth goal of the season on a penalty kick in the 26th minute, but Will Bruin pulled Houston level with a headed goal off a free kick from Brad Davis six minutes later.

New England's French forward then bagged his brace in the second half after stripping Geoff Cameron of the ball and racing in goal. Camargo then rescued the Dynamo from defeat when he got on the end of a floated Brian Ching pass and hit a shot past Matt Reis.

The result improved the Dynamo to 4-3-3 while it dropped the Revolution to 4-7.

Here are the match highlights:


What do you think of the Dynamo's 2-2 draw with the Revolution? Impressed by Sene's performance? Do you see Houston continuing to climb up the standings in the Eastern Conference in the coming weeks?

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  2. Shalrie simply got old, and isn’t the player he used to be. Most New England fans believe he should either be playing in a midfield 5, as a CB, or not at all. He puts so much burden on our good attackers like Nguyen and Feilhaber because he doesn’t have the mobility to get back and break up attacks anymore like he was formerly so good at.

  3. I thought Shalrie was anonymous in the attack but did break up some of our counters. Although to some extent we broke up our own.

    The Dynamo squad was thoroughly rotated — a lot of the attackers played minimally on Tuesday — I think you were simply witness to the lack of speed and ball skill by the Dynamo. It’s just simply that Carr stinks, whether from rust or lack of fitness Clark can’t get open, etc. We need some changes, not the pretense that the road trip or the schedule is doing this. Because if you go check the lineups all sorts of players got PT the past two weeks and the whole got rotated every game.

    Just a mediocre team that needs work. If we’re still starting Moffat and Carr in the fall we’re not winning this year either.

  4. I find it telling that Davis aside a lot of the effective table-setting is being done by the forwards themselves. Ching had the Camargo assist which looked better than a night’s worth of midfield balls. Hint Hint.

  5. I wonder if Cameron double-clutched on simply doing a standard Dynamo backpass, because of his friend Ashe’s recent experience? [Course that was a slower pass closer to the net.] I think it was not so much too high a line as simple hubris for a back with offensive experience. When you’ve played in the attack sometimes you overrate your own ability to dribble out of trouble on defense, particularly when tired.

    I increasingly think the Dynamo should try Cameron at RM, where he played as a rookie — notoriously scoring a late equalizer from there as a sub against Dallas in his rookie season opener — and we have underwhelming production. I tend to think Cameron trips over his own feet centrally in the attack — as he sort of did in the backfield — but on the wings his long, athletic strides are useful.

    I have considered Cameron as a wingback for the Dynamo, but generally dropped the idea because on our team as presently staffed it would result in a glacially slow CB tandem drawn from the pool of Hainault/ Boswell/ Taylor. What was gained on the wing would be lost right up Route 1. But in the absence of Chandler he might be worth developing as a Dolo-protege. Unlike Chandler though, I would not believe he is ready for prime time right now, ie, taking over from Dolo immediately if necessary. He’s still an athletic player who dives in and makes too many mistakes.

    The interesting conundrum I see for the Dynamo with WC qualifying coming up is who will play in back if/when Cameron, Hainault, and Taylor all get called? That leaves Boswell….and Boswell. Perhaps Sturgis or Moffat? Neither exactly excites me as a CB.

  6. Ironic that after stripping Sene a half dozen times, the roles are reversed.

    Cameron was definitely too high up the field there. Morseso, though, I think it was Sene’s class and tenacity showing through.

    That said, maybe JK has ideas on converting Cameron to a fullback? He already plays on the left side of central defense, and he enjoys getting up the field.

  7. I really hope that you are being sarcastic, though the comment about Sene makes me think that you’re being serious with this post?

  8. Sadly, SJ just doesn’t have the wheels to play CM anymore. He needs to be switched to CB for McCarthy or benched.

  9. Shalrie is not having a good season. I’m not sure what’s up with him this year.. if he was playing well the Revs would have a better record

  10. Keep in mind that I’m a huge Houston Dynamo fan. The NE Revolution are a good team. I really like what Nguyen brings to the game and Matt Reis is a brilliant goal keeper. Houston was tired, but inspired and I’m glad they got an equalizer. Shalrie Joseph is supposed to be one of the best midfielders in MLS but he was non-existent the other day. He would’ve been a difference maker in that game had he perfomed better.

  11. I hope I’m wrong, but to me Reis really seems to be a shadow of the keeper he once was. No business coming out for a cross and getting nothing but air, as the ball enters the net where he would have been standing had he stayed home. And it’s not the first time that has happened.

  12. I like the combination of Brettschneider and Fagundez Heaps used at the end of the game. Brettschneider had some good hold up play while Diego was constantly making dangerous runs off the ball. If they can work on that strike partnership we could certainly see some more goals out of the two of them. The only thing is that Sene is playing so well right now you can’t really take him out of the starting lineup.

  13. I like what I’m seeing in the Revs overall but I thought Reis should have done better on both goals. One the first goal he left his line and failed to get the ball and on the second goal he got beat near post after showing too much of the goal.

  14. yea it wasn’t their best performance but we were up 2-1 with minutes left. So of course I’m disappointed we couldn’t hold on

  15. Disappointed? Dynamo pretty much controlled that game. Having said that, I am happy with a draw all things considered.. mainly our 4th game in 11 days and the 2 gaffs (recurring problem?) that led to goals.

    Dynamo really need a play maker. I am tired of seeing wasted possession and for the love of everything can Dom quit playing Watson.

  16. One more thought: what a horrible mistake by Geoff Cameron.. I really like the guy and want him to be called up so I hope that doesn’t affect Klinsmann’s decision

  17. Disappointed with the result but a couple of good things out of this game for Revs fans:

    1. 16,400 in attendance. May not seem like a lot compared to other teams but last night made me think, maybe we don’t have the worst fans in the MLS? Solid crowd.

    2. Sene is the real deal. So is Nguyen. These are the players we were missing to be a competitive team, and maybe make a run at the playoffs.


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