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FOX unveils Survival Sunday schedule

ArsenalTottenham (Getty)

A Premier League championship, UEFA Champions League spots and dreaded relegation are all on the line Sunday, and FOX will have covered across its family of networks and online platforms.

FOX unveiled its Survival Sunday schedule, which will consist of the airing of nine of the ten final-week matches in the English Premier League. ESPN2 will air Manchester City's season finale against Queens Park Rangers, which can give City the league title with a victory, while the day's other nine matches will be spread out across a variety of FOX platforms.

Manchester United will be hoping for a Manchester City slip-up on Sunday, and a tie or loss by City vs. Queens Park Rangers could open the door for Manchester United to secure their 20th Premier League title with a win against Sunderland.

The race to avoid relegation will come down to Queens Park Rangers and Bolton. If QPR loses to Manchester City as expected, then Bolton can secure Premier League safety with a win against Stoke City.

The other key battle on Sunday is the fight for UEFA Champions League qualifying spots. Tottenham, Arsenal and Newcastle are fighting for a place on Europe's grandest stage, with the possibility looming that only one of them qualifies for next season's Champions League, should Chelsea beat Bayern Munich in this season's final.

Needless to say, tension will be high and drama is to be expected. The schedule for Sunday's slate of matches is after the jump, so plan accordingly (all games start at 10 a.m.):

SURVIVAL SUNDAY SCHEDULE (Pre-game coverage starts at 9:30 a.m.)

Fox Soccer Channel – Tottenham vs. Fulham

FX/Fox Deportes – Sunderland vs. Manchester United

ESPN2/Fox Matchtrax – Manchester City vs. Queens Park Rangers 

Fox Soccer Plus – Stoke City vs. Bolton

FSN West Brom vs. Arsenal – Everton vs. Newcastle

Speed – Chelsea vs. Blackburn

Fuel TV – Swansea City vs. Liverpool

FoxSoccer2Go – Norwich City vs. Aston Villa

FoxSoccer2Go – Wigan Athletic vs. Wolverhampton


  1. Fisch,
    Better watch out…you’re going to get the redneck lobby asking for you to be suspended 7 days for comments like this.

  2. I know I sound greedy but I want the EPL Redzone damnit! Kinda disappointed that Bolton is on FS Plus and not one of the standard channels. Same with Arsenal and Newcastle (other games that matter)… I guess at least we will have Deuce vs. a desperate Spurs and Man City fighting for the title.

  3. Pumped to see Fulham on FSC, however I wish we could watch Ream and Bolton as the game holds so much more weight. As a few people have mentioned, Bolton sort of controls their own destiny, considering Man City are heavy favorites against QPR.

    Sucks that it’s my wife’s 1st mother’s day. I can’t really skimp out…

  4. Finally a Fulham match on US TV this year! besides the Fulham vs. Man U and Arsenal games most of us have missed out on Demps career year live.

  5. Well I said the Strahan thing was absurd/clearly should not have happened. I’m more referring to the general attitude of American soccer fans towards other sports-e.g. ‘American football players wear pads and are puss#es’ or ‘nobody watches Hockey’.

  6. I played football (American) in high school and college.

    I couldn’t, for the life of me, stand the ignorant usage of Buck/Strahan.

    It has nothing to do with an inferiority complex. It has everything to do with the ignorance Fox believes the soccer fan/casual fan has about the sport.

  7. Drat, will not be able to watch any games — we’ll be on vacation visiting our son and daughter-in-law and I’ll bet they don’t have the proper channels.

    So much for my Mother’s Day (sigh.

  8. While I agree the Strahan/Joe Buck stuff was ridiculous, American soccer fans seem to have an inferiority complex in which they/we feel the need to bash every other sport and any attempts at meaningful comparison between them. I like other sports. When I tried mentioning other sports playoff structures, not even the games themselves but something on the business side, I was grilled in the comments. Not the way to grow the game.

  9. Any idea if they’re going to trot out Joe Buck and make some meaningless comparison to another sport for the “casual fan”?

  10. Yeah, it’s just a shame that they couldn’t ever put this much effort into American soccer. I know, I know, apples and oranges as far as ratings go (and really as far as ratings go in this case it’s more like apples and dog poop…) but a shame nonetheless.

  11. I’ve found Fox coverage of EPL, FA cup and UCL to be excellent this year. Studio is good with Stone, good use of all the channels. Ives must be telling em right.

  12. If only Survival Sunday was on Father’s Day instead of Mother’s Day … this is a great move by FOX to put on so many games across their channels … wish the timing were better.


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